27 March 2013

Treating Cold and Flu Drug Without Drowsiness

Flu or cold is a disease commonly found in people's daily lives and easily transmitted in the community. Generally, if an adult suffering for flu, that person doesn’t go to the doctor. They are more often stopped by the pharmacy or the supermarket to buy the-counter cold medicines. This is quite appropriate for flu, and must be accompanied by adequate rest, drink lots of water and eat nutritious food. With such a simple way, flu will pass. But, for some people and situations you should be more critical in choosing cold medicines sold in the market.

Most cold medicines on the market is a combination of several active ingredients of drugs, such as acetaminophen, chlorpheniramine maleate, pseudoephedrine, PPA (PhenylPropanolAmin), caffeine, codeine and dextromethorphan. Those active ingredients are sold in dosage which is safe according to health department in each country, but what should be to consider is the side effects.

Pseudoephedrine or PPA is a stimulator drug for heart and blood vessel (adrenergic) For those of you who suffer from high blood pressure and certain heart problems avoid using this medication. These drugs may increase the work of the heart and blood pressure. But, of course this is not the case if consumed with relatively good blood pressure.