07 April 2011

Is it true that pure white teeth are healthy teeth? So far, most people think so. However, if the color of teeth to be like a white paper that is not as natural as white color of milk, whether it also can be said to be healthy?

Director of Clinical Research Section at Indiana School of Dentistry, Indianapolis says people who want their teeth become whiter and whiter again, ten years later, their teeth will be damaged.
Short-term effect of tooth whitening itself can cause tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. Some dentists estimate that bleaching continuously for long periods can cause tooth enamel erosion and gingivitis.

Peroxide used in teeth whitening, hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide (which contains hydrogen peroxide) produce free radicals that can damage cells in the gums and teeth contents. Yiming Li, director of the Center for Dental Research in Lomja Linda University School of Dentistry, California said that the risk of peroxide is still unknown. Some dentists recommend that patients suffering from cancer, smokers (who are at high risk of cancer), and pregnant women should stay away from whitening/bleaching your teeth at all .

Some tooth whitening products are sold freely even have higher risk than professional teeth whitening services at the dentist. Tooth whitening agent in product III-fitting one-size-fits-all Trays can be easily spilled on the gums and into the throat.


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