12 April 2011

What are you prepared before the birth of your sweetheart? Of course, all baby supplies, beautiful nursery, and all infants and breastfeeding mother needs. But, you know, there's something bigger and more important to be prepared. And this prepared for the future of your children or your family.

Normally, after giving birth, the hospital must ask, what's going on the umbilical cord (placenta)? Well, after I gave birth to my first child, by the hospital my baby's cord returned to the party we as parents to be discarded. There are many myths in circulation, if your baby is boy then discarded umbilical cord at the wing of the river, while the women planted in the yard. There are also hospitals that take the umbilical cord after the baby is born lucky dumped or burned, but we do not know for sure, whether actually disposed of or donated to experiment, quite right! whereas, what we discard it, there is a very very useful cells for survival.

You may ask to what these umbilical cord? Is it necessary?
In cord blood, the stem cells contained haematopoietik, which is the source of blood-forming and immune systems, and perpotensi form neural tissue, skin, bone, heart, endocrine and other organs.
What is a stem cell haematopoietik? haematopoietik stem cells are the primary stem cells that are responsible for replacing the blood and improve the immune system. Stem cells are also known sebaai precursor cells because they have the unique ability to turn into different cell types vary in the blood, namely: red blood cells that carries oxygen to all cells in the body, white blood cells that fight infection, blood Foil helps blood clotting time of injury. So, this cell can do many things.

The disease can be cured by using stem cells include blood disorders, Alzheimer's disease, stroke, muscular dystrophy, Heart, Liver, Diabetes, spinal injuries, skin regeneration and tissue on burn victims, bone regeneration, cancer, etc.. In the future going to even more diseases which can be cured with stem cells. These stem blood cells automatically 100% can cure the baby and also could for siblings & parents of the child, who was there serving each level of recovery, there is even one which offers cord blood bank could cover up to 3 generations .....

How do I save and keep baby's umbilical cord?
There is special storage to store your cord blood named cord blood bank. Well, not all States have this bank, and usually only countries that have developed and work together can save this.

Maybe this time you still feel no need to keep your baby's umbilical cord, and maybe today you do not have a big family history of severe disease. But, it would not hurt if you keep the umbilical cord. These stem cells may in said cell "life" and if we can not continue to keep them, we can donate to the people who most need, to cure the disease course and also make sure not for cloning experiments ... ugh horrible ... everyone should be in written statement.

For you, moms, who now still thinking to save her/his umbilical cord in the time later, this could be your consideration, but you must studied it first, the company / organization which offers cord blood storage services to our children. Hopefully this sharing useful for all moms…..


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