05 April 2011

Gum Contouring is generally a simple procedure done with a regular dental anesthesia. Healing often takes longer than a week and sick leave are not necessary.

Remove gum

After a single treatment will usually be given a special mouthwash drug use for several weeks to minimize the risk of infection.

Excess gum results in a lot of teeth and gums look less visible when smiling. What we call "Gummy smiles".

A "Gummy Smile" is generally treated by using a laser to remove excess gum. This procedure is similar to the promise of a normal dentist.

In some cases the problem is caused by the upper lip is too short when a person smiles, if this is checked by lowering the position of the upper lip with a few stitches.

Created the receding gums

If the gum has receded can make teeth look longer than usual, and to expose the sensitive tooth neck which caused discomfort and medical problems.
This condition is treated with two different ways:

The most common method is to transplant tissue from the palate to the uncovered neck of the tooth (cervical dentist), where the network will be healed into place, replace the missing gum.

Another technique is to lengthen the gums. This technique does not involve the transplant network. Instead of sagging and stretching gum to include the required parts.

Both procedures performed with local anesthesia; produce little swelling and pain sometimes little that can be treated with aspirin. One may experience a shooting pain and hypersensitivity to hot and cold drinks for a few days later.

Procedures do not require sick leave.

Uneven distribution of alveolar

If one has an uneven distribution in which gum chewing gum around a few teeth are too long and around other people is too short, may be attended by a combination of the above methods.

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