07 April 2011

Tumors and breast cancer was started many attacking teenagers, and young women, mostly unmarried. You can imagine the future of how they will face if detected at an advanced condition. Not only spent money, their productive age and teenage life will be stripped.

I suggested all women, especially teenagers and young women to begin to routinely check their own breasts. It is rare woman who would do this, for fear of finding something in her breast, and this sometimes can cause fear and frustration. But, examine your own breasts regularly combined with an examination by a doctor on a regular basis is one important way to detect breast cancer early. If cancer is detected early, the chances of healing was very big. Well, not all cancers can be found in this way, can also with mammography. But, 10% of women felt a lump which is sometimes not detected also with this tool. That’s why, if it happens when the feeling feels there is any abnormality, the woman can immediately visit a doctor for further examination.

Regular breast examination can be done once a month a few days after menstruation, when breasts are not likely to feel hard, enlarged and painful. For menopausal women choose a memorable day. For example, do any of 1 or 30 each month. If has become a habit after a long time then we will recognize the structure of the breast itself, so if there is an abnormality can be immediately known to itself.


There are five steps in conducting this procedure, namely:

1. Begin by observing the breast in the mirror with your shoulders straight and arms at the waist. Here, that must be observed is the breast shape, size and color. Since the average breast change without us knowing it. The changes that need to watch out for are: wrinkled, sunken into, or protruding forward because there was a lump. Putting the changing position where it should stick out, even interested into. Red Colour, coarse and pain.

2. Then, lift both arms to see if there are abnormalities in both breasts

3. While still in front of the mirror, press the nipple is there fluid coming out. (Can be a liquid such as milk white, yellow or even blood).

4. Then lie down, touch the right breast with your left hand to feel the change that is in the right breast and vice versa. Press gently with your fingers are flat and in unison. Drape with breast finger at us from top to bottom, from the collarbone to the top of the stomach, from the underarm to the lower neck. Repeat this pattern is so convinced that the entire breast has been covered. Now start at the nipple. Create a circle that grew large to reach around the edge of the breast. Using finger, make a movement up and down moves horizontally / sideways like he was cutting the grass. As he felt the entire breast tissue under the skin with fine up to grope a little more pressing.

5. Finally, feel your breasts while standing or sitting. For most women, the most easy to feel her breasts is when the breasts are wet and slippery, so the best match is when taking a bath under the shower. Proceed as in step 4, and make sure that the entire breast is covered by hand palpation.


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