07 April 2011

Many natural materials are claimed could cure cancer, although not all can be scientifically proven. Natural ingredients include carrots and sweet potatoes.

The content of carrots and sweet potatoes, which is efficacious as an anticancer retionat acid, retionat acid is a derivative of vitamin A which is beneficial for eye health. These compounds can inhibit the growth and spread of cancer cells in breast tissue.

This compound works by binding to specific receptors that play a role in cancer cell division itself. When these receptors bind to retinoic acid, the growth of cancer cells is inhibited so as not to be getting bigger.

The findings are revealed in a study conducted by Sandra Fernandez, scientists from the Fox Chase recently. In that study, Fernandez retinoic acid reacting to several tissue culture in the laboratory, each of which represent growth stages knaker.

Represents the first culture of human normal cells, whereas the second culture represent cells exposed to carcinogens or cancer-triggering. The third culture contains cells that are invasive or grow abnormally and the next is the actual tumor cells with characteristics similar to breast cancer.

The experimental results showed that retinoic acid which are found mainly in carrots and sweet potatoes can inhibit cancer cells. However, its effectiveness is more visible in early stage breast cancer, when the cells have not too invasive or spread.

"It appears that retinoic acid has not really provide benefit if breast cancer had progressed too bad," Fernandez said in the annual conference of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) last week.
So, there's nothing wrong if you increase the consumption of these two natural ingredients, carrots and sweet potatoes as a preventive action to prevent breast cancer.


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