12 April 2011

Preventing and Treating Cancer Since Birth by Cord Blood

What are you prepared before the birth of your sweetheart? Of course, all baby supplies, beautiful nursery, and all infants and breastfeeding mother needs. But, you know, there's something bigger and more important to be prepared. And this prepared for the future of your children or your family.

Normally, after giving birth, the hospital must ask, what's going on the umbilical cord (placenta)? Well, after I gave birth to my first child, by the hospital my baby's cord returned to the party we as parents to be discarded. There are many myths in circulation, if your baby is boy then discarded umbilical cord at the wing of the river, while the women planted in the yard. There are also hospitals that take the umbilical cord after the baby is born lucky dumped or burned, but we do not know for sure, whether actually disposed of or donated to experiment, quite right! whereas, what we discard it, there is a very very useful cells for survival.

You may ask to what these umbilical cord? Is it necessary?
In cord blood, the stem cells contained haematopoietik, which is the source of blood-forming and immune systems, and perpotensi form neural tissue, skin, bone, heart, endocrine and other organs.
What is a stem cell haematopoietik? haematopoietik stem cells are the primary stem cells that are responsible for replacing the blood and improve the immune system. Stem cells are also known sebaai precursor cells because they have the unique ability to turn into different cell types vary in the blood, namely: red blood cells that carries oxygen to all cells in the body, white blood cells that fight infection, blood Foil helps blood clotting time of injury. So, this cell can do many things.

The disease can be cured by using stem cells include blood disorders, Alzheimer's disease, stroke, muscular dystrophy, Heart, Liver, Diabetes, spinal injuries, skin regeneration and tissue on burn victims, bone regeneration, cancer, etc.. In the future going to even more diseases which can be cured with stem cells. These stem blood cells automatically 100% can cure the baby and also could for siblings & parents of the child, who was there serving each level of recovery, there is even one which offers cord blood bank could cover up to 3 generations .....

How do I save and keep baby's umbilical cord?
There is special storage to store your cord blood named cord blood bank. Well, not all States have this bank, and usually only countries that have developed and work together can save this.

Maybe this time you still feel no need to keep your baby's umbilical cord, and maybe today you do not have a big family history of severe disease. But, it would not hurt if you keep the umbilical cord. These stem cells may in said cell "life" and if we can not continue to keep them, we can donate to the people who most need, to cure the disease course and also make sure not for cloning experiments ... ugh horrible ... everyone should be in written statement.

For you, moms, who now still thinking to save her/his umbilical cord in the time later, this could be your consideration, but you must studied it first, the company / organization which offers cord blood storage services to our children. Hopefully this sharing useful for all moms…..

07 April 2011

Carrot and Sweet Potato to Cure Breast Cancer

Many natural materials are claimed could cure cancer, although not all can be scientifically proven. Natural ingredients include carrots and sweet potatoes.

The content of carrots and sweet potatoes, which is efficacious as an anticancer retionat acid, retionat acid is a derivative of vitamin A which is beneficial for eye health. These compounds can inhibit the growth and spread of cancer cells in breast tissue.

This compound works by binding to specific receptors that play a role in cancer cell division itself. When these receptors bind to retinoic acid, the growth of cancer cells is inhibited so as not to be getting bigger.

The findings are revealed in a study conducted by Sandra Fernandez, scientists from the Fox Chase recently. In that study, Fernandez retinoic acid reacting to several tissue culture in the laboratory, each of which represent growth stages knaker.

Represents the first culture of human normal cells, whereas the second culture represent cells exposed to carcinogens or cancer-triggering. The third culture contains cells that are invasive or grow abnormally and the next is the actual tumor cells with characteristics similar to breast cancer.

The experimental results showed that retinoic acid which are found mainly in carrots and sweet potatoes can inhibit cancer cells. However, its effectiveness is more visible in early stage breast cancer, when the cells have not too invasive or spread.

"It appears that retinoic acid has not really provide benefit if breast cancer had progressed too bad," Fernandez said in the annual conference of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) last week.
So, there's nothing wrong if you increase the consumption of these two natural ingredients, carrots and sweet potatoes as a preventive action to prevent breast cancer.

Teeth Whitening Bleaching Side Effect

Is it true that pure white teeth are healthy teeth? So far, most people think so. However, if the color of teeth to be like a white paper that is not as natural as white color of milk, whether it also can be said to be healthy?

Director of Clinical Research Section at Indiana School of Dentistry, Indianapolis says people who want their teeth become whiter and whiter again, ten years later, their teeth will be damaged.
Short-term effect of tooth whitening itself can cause tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. Some dentists estimate that bleaching continuously for long periods can cause tooth enamel erosion and gingivitis.

Peroxide used in teeth whitening, hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide (which contains hydrogen peroxide) produce free radicals that can damage cells in the gums and teeth contents. Yiming Li, director of the Center for Dental Research in Lomja Linda University School of Dentistry, California said that the risk of peroxide is still unknown. Some dentists recommend that patients suffering from cancer, smokers (who are at high risk of cancer), and pregnant women should stay away from whitening/bleaching your teeth at all .

Some tooth whitening products are sold freely even have higher risk than professional teeth whitening services at the dentist. Tooth whitening agent in product III-fitting one-size-fits-all Trays can be easily spilled on the gums and into the throat.

Check Your Own Breast for Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Tumors and breast cancer was started many attacking teenagers, and young women, mostly unmarried. You can imagine the future of how they will face if detected at an advanced condition. Not only spent money, their productive age and teenage life will be stripped.

I suggested all women, especially teenagers and young women to begin to routinely check their own breasts. It is rare woman who would do this, for fear of finding something in her breast, and this sometimes can cause fear and frustration. But, examine your own breasts regularly combined with an examination by a doctor on a regular basis is one important way to detect breast cancer early. If cancer is detected early, the chances of healing was very big. Well, not all cancers can be found in this way, can also with mammography. But, 10% of women felt a lump which is sometimes not detected also with this tool. That’s why, if it happens when the feeling feels there is any abnormality, the woman can immediately visit a doctor for further examination.

Regular breast examination can be done once a month a few days after menstruation, when breasts are not likely to feel hard, enlarged and painful. For menopausal women choose a memorable day. For example, do any of 1 or 30 each month. If has become a habit after a long time then we will recognize the structure of the breast itself, so if there is an abnormality can be immediately known to itself.


There are five steps in conducting this procedure, namely:

1. Begin by observing the breast in the mirror with your shoulders straight and arms at the waist. Here, that must be observed is the breast shape, size and color. Since the average breast change without us knowing it. The changes that need to watch out for are: wrinkled, sunken into, or protruding forward because there was a lump. Putting the changing position where it should stick out, even interested into. Red Colour, coarse and pain.

2. Then, lift both arms to see if there are abnormalities in both breasts

3. While still in front of the mirror, press the nipple is there fluid coming out. (Can be a liquid such as milk white, yellow or even blood).

4. Then lie down, touch the right breast with your left hand to feel the change that is in the right breast and vice versa. Press gently with your fingers are flat and in unison. Drape with breast finger at us from top to bottom, from the collarbone to the top of the stomach, from the underarm to the lower neck. Repeat this pattern is so convinced that the entire breast has been covered. Now start at the nipple. Create a circle that grew large to reach around the edge of the breast. Using finger, make a movement up and down moves horizontally / sideways like he was cutting the grass. As he felt the entire breast tissue under the skin with fine up to grope a little more pressing.

5. Finally, feel your breasts while standing or sitting. For most women, the most easy to feel her breasts is when the breasts are wet and slippery, so the best match is when taking a bath under the shower. Proceed as in step 4, and make sure that the entire breast is covered by hand palpation.

06 April 2011


Targeted therapy is one way in cancer treatment aimed at the specific process of cancer cell growth, cycle life (in some cases also on the blood vessels that feed tumors). Targeted therapy for breast cancer include: HERCEPTIN, AVASTIN, TYKERB, IRESSA. Each drug works specifically in cancer cells.

Differences of targeted therapies with standard therapy (surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation) is that they are only on targeted therapies focus on a specific molecule led to the development and spread of cancer cells. While on the standard therapy, healthy tissue is also affected by the administration of the drug. Targeted therapy can be used alone or in combination with chemotherapy drugs to obtain effective results in the signal blocks the growth of cancer cells.

Our bodies consist of cells that grow, die and divide to make new cells we need. Cells that are older will die, new cells take their place. In cancer, there have been changes in the normal process of cell formation. On the formation of cancer cells, too many new cells are formed, whereas the old cells do not die as they should. Groups of these extra cells will gather in one place, into the tumor.

Malignant tumors composed of cells that rapidly divide and multiply in the wrong way. Targeted therapy for breast cancer focus on proteins that signal cancer cells to grow and divide uncontrollably. For example, how to work each Targeted Therapy drugs are as follows:

• IRESSA: Blocking cell growth factor
• Avastin: Binding protein and prevent the occurrence of new blood vessels that supply food to the tumor. Used for HER2-negative patients

 • Herceptin & TYKERB: Attacking receptor-HER2 receptor which resides in cancer cells and blocks so as not to receive signals that instruct cells to divide.

To prevent the cancer cells do not divide and to slow the growth of cancer, here are a few of targeted therapies for breast cancer:

1. Drugs to target HER2-positive:
  • Herceptin (trastuzumab) - use with Taxol
  • TYKERB (lapatanib) - used with Xeloda
 2. Drugs for Angiogenesis target:
  • Avastin (bevacizumab) - used with Taxol
3. Drugs to block cancer cell HER1:
  • IRESSA (gefitinib) - used with ARIMIDEX

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    IRESSA for Lung Cancer

    No one in this world wants affected by lung cancer. However, although we suffered from lung cancer, does not mean a death sentence immediately fell in and we should give up waiting for death. Most importantly, we must know in advance what is lung cancer.

    Lung cancer is a tumor that grows in the lungs. The most caused of the cells in the lung itself, but could be caused by cancer in other body parts that spread to the lungs. Although the main cause of 90% of lung cancer in men and 70% in women are smoking, but can also be caused by pollution or food.
    Once we know that chemotherapy as a treatment for lung cancer, the patient is given an injection containing anti-cancer drugs which contain active ingredients such as taxane, cisplatin or carboplatin and others. This medicine works by killing cancer cells.

    However, chemotherapy also has the effect of toxins that quite a lot. Generally, patients experience side effects such as nausea and vomiting and hair loss. Conditions like this will further reduce the quality of life of patients. Unfortunately, not only the death of cancer cells but healthy cells were also affected.

    Along with advances in the medical world, the lung cancer patients have other treatment options, in addition to chemotherapy or surgery. Treatment is known as Targeted Therapy. Now begin to use drugs that have a specific target on the cell components that play a role in the process of cancer cell growth and division.

    This new drug active ingredient is gefitinib. Currently, gefitinib has been the best option in many countries for the treatment of lung cancer. Drugs that have trademark-Iressa TM, is a pharmaceutical company Astra Zeneca production. The use of these drugs will inhibit the growth of tumor cells and inhibit blood vessel growth in cancer cells, thereby preventing the spread of tumor cells as well as enhances cancer cell death.

    Targeted therapy has been shown to have benefit in cases of advanced cancer (3B). In the IDEAL study (Iressa Dose Evaluation in Advanced Lung Cancer) 1 and 2 be giving doses of 250 and 500 grams per day. The result is encouraging, that there is radiological and clinical improvement so as to provide increased life expectancy ranged from 7 to 7.6 months.

    According to the results of clinical studies ISEL (Iressa Survival Evaluation in Lung Cancer) showed a very significant increase, especially in lung cancer patients of Asian ethnicity. Improving quality of life of patients by 40 percent compared with placebo use only less than 20 percent.

    Iressa drug-shaped 250 mg tablets are given to patients with advanced lung cancer or stage IIIB and IV. This drug has toxic effects are relatively mild compared with conventional chemotherapy and reduce side effects, such as itching, diarrhea, and nausea.

    Side effects above usually arise when patients took the drug Iressa in the weeks the second and third. These effects on even indicate if the drug Iressa was actually already working in our body.

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    05 April 2011

    Gum Contouring Costs and Charges

    Cost of Gum Contouring vary depending on the treatment done and how. It is not unusual that other treatments such as veneers done in combination with Gum Contouring to achieve the best results.

    important to carefully discussed what results you hope for the patient to achieve and that your dentist thoroughly explain when and how he / she will achieve these results and how the procedure will be more charges.
    A rough cost estimate of the treatment found under:

    Transfer of gum advantages: Cost$ 200-400

    Besides Gum / Transplantation: $350-500 Cost of treatment (2-3 teeth)

    It is usual to add the gum for more than two teeth during the procedure. This means that some procedures will be required.

    Prior to their treatment of individual assessments should be conducted in which patients receive treatment plan with the collection of fees.

    Financing Gum Contouring

    For those who can not or do not want to pay them in cash Gum Contouring no other alternative to credit. The most frequent clinical collaboration with a finance company that can help with such things. However, one must realize that the interest and the costs associated with financing can be expensive.

    You can read more about how you can finance your gums Contouring of pages of information about credit and financing for health care and treatment.

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    Gum Contouring Procedures

    Gum Contouring is generally a simple procedure done with a regular dental anesthesia. Healing often takes longer than a week and sick leave are not necessary.

    Remove gum

    After a single treatment will usually be given a special mouthwash drug use for several weeks to minimize the risk of infection.

    Excess gum results in a lot of teeth and gums look less visible when smiling. What we call "Gummy smiles".

    A "Gummy Smile" is generally treated by using a laser to remove excess gum. This procedure is similar to the promise of a normal dentist.

    In some cases the problem is caused by the upper lip is too short when a person smiles, if this is checked by lowering the position of the upper lip with a few stitches.

    Created the receding gums

    If the gum has receded can make teeth look longer than usual, and to expose the sensitive tooth neck which caused discomfort and medical problems.
    This condition is treated with two different ways:

    The most common method is to transplant tissue from the palate to the uncovered neck of the tooth (cervical dentist), where the network will be healed into place, replace the missing gum.

    Another technique is to lengthen the gums. This technique does not involve the transplant network. Instead of sagging and stretching gum to include the required parts.

    Both procedures performed with local anesthesia; produce little swelling and pain sometimes little that can be treated with aspirin. One may experience a shooting pain and hypersensitivity to hot and cold drinks for a few days later.

    Procedures do not require sick leave.

    Uneven distribution of alveolar

    If one has an uneven distribution in which gum chewing gum around a few teeth are too long and around other people is too short, may be attended by a combination of the above methods.

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    All about the Gum Contouring

    Gum Contouring, also known as gum reshaping, is a treatment that involves shortening, extending, or leveling the chewing gum in order to create a better smile, and in some cases improve oral hygiene.

    Gum Contouring performed by dentists with specialized knowledge and experience in the area.

    On this page you will find information about Gum Contouring teeth checked by a doctor active in cinic Elisabeth Bjrkman MinMun, who has extensive experience in the dental medical aesthetics.

    You need to know about the aesthetic gum Contouring / reshaping candy:

    * If you are a suitable candidate for Gum Contouring and what methods have
    * What is a candy-form and what results you can expect
    * Directory of clinics that perform gum Contouring
    * A forum where you can talk about reshaping the gums and the opportunity to ask the experts
    * Cost information and before and after pictures of gum Contouring

    Who is suitable for Gum Contouring / reshaping gums?

    Appearance of a sugar-dependent on different factors such as hereditary positions, oral hygiene, lifestyle and periodontal disease may be (often infected). Medicine is as influenced by the underlying cause of the appearance of the gums.

    As long as there is no gum disease and you tend to clean your mouth properly Contouring aesthetic gum can be used for further treatment:

    * Elimination of the network edge (very visible gums, teeth small)
    * Creating a receding gums (finding dental neck)
    * Levelling out candy that is not evenly distributed

    Cosmetic Dentistry
    When a candy aesthetic reshaping is not the right solution?

    The problem with gum is sometimes a symptom parodontal is inflammation or infection of the mouth. Paradontal disease in two forms: Gingivitis and periodontitis.

    Gingvitis implies only gum affected, while the more serious forms, Periodontitis also includes dental and dentin. Untreated periodontitis can lead to serious tooth loss.

    If there is parodontal disease should be treated before one can decide on the need for cosmetic Gum Contouring.

    important for alveolar oral hygien

    How does a person tends to oral hygiene to a person also affects the appearance of the gums. For example, receding gums and teeth neck look is often caused by tooth brushing or plaque build-intensive.

    Since chewing gum is not only important in our smiles, but also for our health is important to see the dentist should be an experience of change in the gums.

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