04 March 2011

Interesting facts disclosed by the return of the world's health research. According to one study, people who live in urban areas are more susceptible to elite cancer risk than those who live in poor areas.

As quoted from the Times of India, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reveal the results of research on the correlation between living with the risk of certain cancers. The research results suggest that people with high economic conditions and living in elite areas are more susceptible to breast cancer, prostate or skin.

There are significant differences in the case of breast cancer, prostate and skin. 106 of 100 thousand people in lower socioeconomic areas of breast cancer. As for the social area high figure reached 122 of 100 thousand people.

Then for skin cancer, there are 42 patients of 100 thousand people living in poor areas and 52 out of 100 thousand people living in the area elite. While prostate cancer is only experienced by 160 people with low social areas and 185 for high social wilaya.

Pau Grogan, Advocacy Director of the Cancer Council Australia said cancer rates in poorer areas are not surprising. This is because smoking is high among them.

For the elite, Grogan said that breast cancer is 'a rich woman's disease' that, "because it tends to attack the people who live longer and luxurious living. In addition, for women who delay pregnancy and have no children
also have the same risk.

"Skin cancer experienced by many people who were well because it may result from UV rays, this is because they are more often exposed to sun exposure than people working in an office in the room. People who tend to have a luxurious life in outdoor leisure activities such as sunbathing during the short vacation, "Grogan added.


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