25 March 2011

Sports or physical exercise is important for maintaining overall body health. However, routine work to make people not enough time to exercise and make nighttime is the only free time. But was it sports at night make it difficult to sleep?

Many consider that exercise at night or before bed can make your sleep is not qualified. But in fact this condition applies only to a few people with certain conditions.

For most people, exercising at night even 30 minutes before sleep did not bring adverse events, including the quality of sleep.

Which is often feared is when doing heavy exercise the body releases adrenaline and noradrenaline, two stimulants in the body that increase heart rate and body temperature. Exercise at this level can cause people to feel more alert and awake.

Recommendations great time to exercise varies widely from various sources, although many say the most beneficial sports morning.

University of Maryland Medical Center recommends avoiding strenuous exercise two hours before bedtime. But for people suffering from sleep disorders or insomnia, exercise can help you sleep nights earlier and more deeply.

"The link between lahraga night and sleep disorders is unclear," said Shawn Youngstedt, exercise science researchers at the University of South Carolina.

According to him, sports night can help people suffering from insomnia more relaxed and reduce anxiety associated with sleep.

But the relationship between exercise and sleep varies from person to person. Some people who do not practice hard before going to bed having trouble sleeping at all, even the exercise can make sleep more soundly.

For people who have trouble sleeping at night sports, then you should avoid these activities and choose the activities that make you relax, like reading a book or listen to relaxing music, to reduce excessive noise and make the room cool and comfortable.


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