07 March 2011

Some people may be unfamiliar to hear the word cancer colorectal. When in fact colon cancer and the area between the colon and anus (rectum) is one of the digestive disorders that need to be wary of.

Colon and rectum are part of the digestive system that processes the food you eat and throw food scraps from the body. Colorectal cancer is cancer that grows in the large intestine (colon) or rectum.

This cancer can strike anyone. In fact, about 25% of patients with colorectal cancer aged less than 39 years. Initially the growth of cancer cells originated from a polyp which continues to grow and spread to the wall up to the network outside the colon or rectum is also potential to grow into other body parts.

Those who have habits such as consumption of the wrong foods high in fat and protein, or low in fiber, obesity (overweight), history of previous colorectal, or even a rare physical activity, are people who are at risk for colorectal cancers.

Because colorectal cancer showed no specific early symptoms, then watch out early. If you find signs such as pain in the abdomen or back, change in bowel habits (BAB), diarrhea and constipation for no apparent reason for more than 6minggu, bleeding in the large intestine characterized by blood that comes out along with feces during defecation or any weight loss for no apparent reason. Immediately, do early detection by consulting a doctor, because the actual colorectal cancer can be prevented and treated.


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