17 February 2011

Sleep problems not only make people tired and frustrated but also threatens health. Here are some disorders that make a person unable to sleep asleep as baby.
Lack of sleep can make a person feel tired and sleepy that is not fair in the daytime. The experts reveal that in fact there are 89 different sleep disorders, but generally there are 7 most common disorders in the community.

1. Sleep is not restful or restless
Possible cause is the room temperature is too hot or feeling anxious, causing disturbed sleep.

Dr Neil Stanley tells the room temperature is too hot will make a person restless so it always moves to try to cool the body. Generally, this condition occurs in women during menopause and menstrual cycle due to increased body temperature.

To fix this try making the temperature in the room as comfortable as possible. If the air is too cold and thus require a blanket or a heater, then set the temperature is not too high because the body will always burn calories during sleep that makes it generates heat.

2. Dizziness or head when you wake up groggy
Possible cause is the change in routine or too much sleep. This is because the body needs order and want to get up at the same time each day.

If the routine is disrupted the body must deal with a new adaptation back, and this usually happens when you wake up frequently on Monday morning because people usually wake up more during the weekend.

To overcome this problem is to apply a regular sleep pattern even on weekends. These conditions will help to synchronize with the body's natural rhythm and avoid feeling dizzy waking.

3. Walking or talking in his sleep
Possible cause is the influence of alcohol, drugs, genetics or something in one's mind that trigger activity in the evening.

This condition occurs because part of the brain that regulate issues such as control and navigation are realized when people were sleeping, and in children because her nervous system is still developing.

To speak during sleep disturbance is often harmless, but if you walk while sleeping can be dangerous, such as falling, tripping, and especially when it came out of the house.

To overcome this try to avoid triggers such as alcohol, check the side effects of drugs consumed and find out if there is another family member like this.

4. Impaired sleep apnea
Possible cause is being overweight or experiencing anxiety. Sleep disturbance is usually characterized by cessation of breathing for a moment without realizing it by that person.

Airway during sleep this patient began to collapse that causes breathing to stop for 10-60 seconds, because it decreases oxygen levels in the brain makes a person wake up and start breathing again. This condition would make a person feel refreshed when you wake up and fatigue throughout the day.

If this condition continues from week to week, you should consult with your doctor to get a proper diagnosis so that a person can wake up refreshed.

5. Waking at night
Possible cause is that the atmosphere changes, stress or age. Generally someone will sleep well if he feels comfortable and secure, so if there is something disturbing thoughts or damage the environment can make people wake up.

To overcome this try to avoid excessive drinking making a full bladder, as well as avoiding the consumption of heavy meals before bed that keeps the body must digest.

6. Nightmare
Stress is likely to be a contributing factor, although sometimes these events happen randomly. This condition would make a person wake up and sleep becomes not soundly. To fix this try doing some relaxation techniques before bed so that the mind becomes calm.

7. Too much sleep
People who are too much sleep or hypersomnia is a disease and is one marker of poor health. This condition occurs in chronic phase of long-term depression.

To overcome this try to pay attention to how long sleep owned, if long sleep, still sleepy during the day and had difficulty to get up immediately consult a doctor.


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