24 February 2011

Women may have a higher level of immunity compared with men. According to the National Academy of Sciences U.S., at least 3 times women exposed to influenza in a year. Therefore, wake up your body's defense to keep it healthy.

There are some easy ways to apply, in order to stay healthy and avoid the flu. One of them with emphasis on taking probiotics. With the number of probiotics in the gut, helping to combat the evil micro-organisms that make your gut suffers.

In addition, probiotics also affects T cells, white blood cells important to improve the ability of the immune system.

Based on the latest research, published in the journal Postgraduate Medicine, women who take probiotics every day, experienced a significant increase in T cells and thus avoid the body from infection.

"To get it you can eat yogurt, miso, tempeh, also equipped with 60-90 milligrams taking additional supplements every morning, especially when the weather was cold," said Mira Baron, MD, specialist in internal medicine in Cleveland.


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