24 February 2011

The only effective way to prevent wrinkles is to avoid aging, such as ways to freeze myself like Austin Powers. As for the block, we can wear sunscreen and moisturizer. To reduce or prevent wrinkles there are several options.

Tretinoin (Retin-A) is the only topical treatment that has been proven to cure wrinkles in clinical studies using the controls. This material is also the only one allowed by the FDA for anti-wrinkle treatment. Tretinoin increases sensitivity to sunlight, and therefore users of this drug should avoid contact with the sun, for example by wearing protective clothing, and repeatedly applying sunscreen.

Tretinoin side effects include peeling, dry skin, burning, itching, and reddened skin.
Hydroxy acid is also used in creams sold in cosmetic shops. There are reports that this material is quite successful for mild wrinkles. However, the content and types of hydroxy acids in each product is different, then the success rate of each product was different.

Other, more drastic treatment include chemical peels and laser polishing. However, the short answer, true wrinkles can not be recovered.


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