15 February 2011

Formula milk is not good for toddlers, but that does not mean school kids do not need to drink milk. Good drinking milk for children because it can minimize the risk of colon cancer in adulthood by 40 percent.

Children who consumed half a liter of milk a day had a strong protective effect against the disease. And one key to success is the anti-cancer effects are obtained if the child is drinking milk for several years as a child.

Researchers found school children have 20 percent lower risk tumors as an adult if she drank milk every day for 4-6 years, and has a 40 percent lower risk if he drank milk more than 6 years as a child.

Experts predict the long-term dairy consumption can increase the intake of calcium in the body that can protect the intestine against damage and kill cancer cells before they form tumors.

Professor Brian Cox of Otago, New Zealand says more research needs to further prove that the milk can reduce the risk of cancer in future generations. The results of this study are reported in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

"Consuming milk when school is very important because it ensures the children have adequate nutrition intake. Also a glass of milk has the same amount of calcium contained in a kilo of spinach," says Dr Judith Bryans, director of the Dairy Council..

Colorectal cancer occurs as a result of abnormal cell growth in colon cancer. Signs or symptoms that appear are the bloody defecation, hard poo and pain in the lower abdomen that does not go away.

In addition to diligent when mash-fed child, some things can be done to reduce the risk of colon cancer such as maintaining body weight to stay healthy, avoid alcohol, consumption of fiber and physical activity.


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