14 December 2010

Causes The Fear of the Dentist

A survey shows that women are two times more afraid to go to the dentist than men. Dentist is a doctor of the most feared. What makes people afraid of the dentist?

The survey research found 19 percent of women experience extreme anxiety when in a dentist's waiting room, compared with men who only 10 percent. The survey was conducted in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

In this dental health surveys involving more than 11,300 people were interviewed and examined 6469 adults.
Also note that the number of people who experience tooth decay is greater than people who have a normal tooth.

Though routinely ignore dental care because of excessive anxiety can actually lead to bigger problems, so that will make oral and dental care costs would be higher.

Apparently there are several causes of people are afraid to go to the dentist, namely:
  1. For fear of the equipment used, such as drill, and generally care for teeth and mouth hurt.
  2. Got an unpleasant experience with the dentist because the dentist was not sympathetic, most people are afraid to go to the dentist because finding a doctor who is less friendly, giving rise to its own trauma.
  3. Fear of teeth will be injected, giving rise to feelings of tension and physical pain.
  4. Fears doctor will scold for not diligent dental care, this condition will make people embarrassed to check their teeth because they do not tidy, looks dirty, bad breath and stuff.
If fear of dentists has been excessive, it can trigger a phobia, although until now no clear boundary between normal fears and phobias.

There are several symptoms that appear when a person has a phobia to the dentist, such as can not sleep at night before the check teeth, feeling nervous about the excessive time in the waiting room, wanting to cry while in the dentist or to see the equipment, the panic when the appliance is placed in check in the mouth and suddenly became difficult to breathe.