22 October 2010

Salt was not only useful as a flavor. This tiny white granules can also be used for the eyes and teeth health.

1. Eye washer. To relieve sore eyes in an emergency condition, use salt water to wash the eye. If the pain not ease, immediately go to doctor.

2. Mouthwash. Warm water that has been spiked with a little salt is an effective mouthwash. So also when exposed to strep throat. Put a little salt into the hot water, stirring gently and use as a mouthwash.

3. Tooth Whitener. Teeth that look dull going back brilliantly by sprinkling dry salt to the end of the feathers of tooth brush, do it when brushing your teeth.

4. Make Tooth Brush Long-lasting. Submerge new toothbrush in salt water solution will create a more durable toothbrush.


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