08 October 2010

Exhausted body cause of lack of sleep make insomnia sufferer easily be disturbed. Small things can cause anger because insomnia truly a torture for the sufferer and surroundings. To handle insomnia, needed enough quantity of nutrient intake, magnesium and calcium. Deficiency of magnesium and calcium cause slept like a log.

Magnesium works to relaxing muscle, if the muscle cramp or pain. Calcium which is very needed to bone growth also used to relaxing mind. Calcium has calming effect. So, condition of anxiousness and stress can be reduce with magnesium and calcium.

Melatonin hormone used to make your sleep more comfortable. Now, there are lot of products combining magnesium, calcium and melatonin. Vitamin B complex can also helps insomnia sufferer to be relax.

Daily diet should be watched too. Consuming complex carbohydrate such as bread, crackers, or bagel can help you sleep. The opposite of complex carbohydrate is sugar. Why complex carbohydrate so useful? It because this substance can stimulate the releasing of serotonin, a brain neurotransmitter that stimulate the feeling of sleepy.

A glass of milk and honey can also be the sure cure to make your sleep more sound sleep. Milk contains lots of amino acid tryptophan which can help the releasing of serotin and melatonin hormone.

Triptophan Supplement has not been permitted in US because this product ever cause serious blood disorder. But, there’s no risk for them who want consume foods that contain triptophan such as milk or turkey to reduce insomnia.

People who had trouble with sleep was suggested to consume at night. Lettuce contains substance related to opium which accelerate the feeling of sleep and lettuce also contains hyoscyarnin which works as anti-cramps. Better if the dinner menu also involve beans and fish meat or chicken meat. Those foods rich in niacin (vitamin B3) which help to produce serotonin.

Foods that should be avoided are spiced food, caffeine, alcohol, carbohydrate (sugar, syrup), preservatived food, and canned food. Sugar and syrup increase sugar blood level and producing energy which can be annoying you to sleep.

High protein food such as beef can inhibit the production of serotonin and make you awake continuously. Monosodium glutamate (MSG) should be avoided too cause occurring stimulant reaction.

Avoiding eating cheese, chocolate, spinach and tomato before sleep also recommended. All those food contain tyramin which stimulate norepinephrine, make your brain also awake.


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