05 August 2010

TMJ Home Remedy : TMJ Treatment without Surgery

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ), so called because it is the joint that connects your mandible (more commonly known as your lower jaw) and your temporal bone (the bone in your skull located near your ear).

Because your TMJ facilitates the opening and closing of your mouth (its cartilage material makes this movement fluid and painless) thousands upon thousands of times during your lifetime, it is naturally subject to abuse and disorder. When you get afflicted with this order, you will definitely know because of the inflammation and pain it causes.

Why Should You Consider The TMJ Pain Solution System? What Makes It Different Than Anything Else You’ve Ever Seen Or Tried For Your TMJ Pain? This TMJ Home remedies step by step give you the detail information and it will identify what YOUR TYPE of TMJ is and what combination of treatments will be MOST effective as quickly as possible.

If you get afflicted by TMJ disorder and you don’t have any traumatic episode, treatment can be done at home without having to consult a doctor. TMJ home remedies (natural treatments)you can try:

1. Rest. You should give jaw a rest, coz since the most common cause of TMJ disorder is abuse, then this TMJ home remedy is also quite common.

2. Manage your Yawn. When you yawn, the tendency is for your TMJ to become overextended. This TMJ home remedy requires nothing but your willpower. If you must yawn, make a small “o” with your lips before letting your yawn go so that there is an opposing force to your outward jaw movement.

3. Compress is the Best. This TMJ home remedy is quite soothing. Just apply a warm compress (e.g., a face towel immersed in hot or warm water and squeezed of excess water prior to the application) placed on the inflamed area. That should help a lot.
4. Certain food to avoid. Some food can make worse your jaw pain. If you do this TMJ home remedy, you should avoid these food. Findout more in here 14 KEY foods virtually GUARANTEED to INCREASE jaw pain (I guarantee you’re currently eating at LEAST 3 of them)
5. Exercise. This does actually not require hard effort tough. The exercises are simple and easy to do. But you have to practice them if they're are going to work for you. Great Home remedy for TMJ treatment.
  • Working directly on the jaw muscles strengthen and loosens them up. Healthy jaw muscles guide the jaw joints into right position instead of misplacing them.
  • The tongue is a strong muscle. Many people have lot of tension in this muscle for some reason. It's very important to relies the tension in the tongue, using simple tongue exercises. Remember all muscles are connected. Tension in tongue means tension in jaw and vs.
  • The throat exercises strengthen the throat. The throat muscles are some of these 'hidden' muscles we seldom pay attention to. They're however extremely important and if they're stiff, you'll suffer several symptoms in your throat.
  • The neck and shoulder muscle exercises are very important to remove tension you may have in your shoulders and neck. These muscles are directly connected to the jaw muscle and quickly tense up as soon as there is any tension in your jaw.
  • All muscles need oxygen to function properly. Stiff muscles, reduce the amount of oxygen they can process. Using specially designed breathing exercises, you can bring these muscles back to life, so they may begin to function properly again.
  • These exercises have been practiced successfully by thousands of people suffering from TMJ and it still surprises me how effective they are, considering how many causes lie behind this complex condition.
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