09 April 2010

Traditional Medicine To Heal High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure or hypertension is a medical condition where occur the increasing of blood pressure significantly (for a long time).
There are 2 types and cause of hypertension :
  1. Primer hypertension is an unknown caused of hypertension (about 90% for all hypertension patients).
  2. Secondary hypertension is hypertension caused by other disease.
Symptoms occurred as result of low pressure are headache, nose bleeding, whirling, florid face and exhaustion.
In this article I’ll give you a traditional concoction to heal high blood pressure. There are 2 medicines you can try to heal your hypertension :

1# Hypertension Traditional Medicine
- Take a handful of celery then pound it until finely pounded.
- Add cooked water then filter it through a clean cloth / small sieve. Make it full a glass.
- Allow it for an hour after that drink it.
- Drink it routinely every morning and early evening.

2# Hypertension Traditional Medicine
- Take 3 fruit morinda, scrap it then press it and take the water.
- Make it a full a glass.
- Drink it every morning and evening.

05 April 2010

Traditional Medicine The Low Blood Pressure Healer

Low Blood Pressure or hypotension is a condition where someone blood pressure was drop under normal level which is achieving 90/60 mmHg.

Blood PressureNormal blood pressure is 120/80 mmHg, but some people may had tension about 110/90 mmHg or even 100/80 mmHg and they may not show significant complaint, so they feel just normal through their daily activities.

Common symptoms of low blood pressure is often whirling/dizzy, unclear vision especially after sit down for a long time then walking, cold sweat, easy tired, unpowered, and even unconscious many times.

To cure and prevent low blood pressure, please check this traditional concoction :

Ingredients :
- Turmeric
- Egg Yolk
- Honey
- Grape (if it were present)

Preparation :
- Rasp the turmeric and add some water, then squeeze it.
- Stir the egg yolk then put it I the turmeric squeezed.
- Last one, add honey and grape.
Drink this traditional concoction twice a day routinely.

The key of traditional medicinal is discipline and well-regulated. So, to heal low blood pressure we need discipline and hard desire.