09 December 2009

Latest research indicated that increasing of vitamin D consumption through food and sunlight exposure was related to the declining of breast cancer risk.

According to American Journal of Epidemiology, issued at 20th October 2009, Vitamin D intake can depress estrogen receptor (ER) and progesterone receptor (PR), both of them are cancer hormone receptors.

You can analog the receptor hormone as “ear in breast cell”. It will hear the signal from the hormone. When the signal comes out and order your body, cancer cell will be produced in breast cell and it contains lot of receptor.

Cancer called ER-positive (ER+) if the cancer growth caused by the existence of Estrogen hormone receptor. While, if the growth of cancer caused by progesterone hormone, the cancer will be called PR-positive (PR+).

This research was established by Blackmore KM and partners from Mount Sinai Hospital at Ontario, Canada. The research was held by comparing 758 breast cancer patients and 1,135 participants who don’t suffer from cancer. Researchers found that participants who consume high level of vitamin D intake had 26% declining risk of ER and PR breast cancer and 21% declining of ER or PR tumor.

That study also indicated that vitamin D was related to declining of breast cancer risk without knowing the status is ER or PR tumor.

Vitamin D found in food such as cod liver oil, juice, cereal, and milk. You can also have it through sunlight exposure.


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