19 November 2009

Orange Juice Can Destroy Your Email

Orange JuiceMay be not only breakfast you consume a glass of orange juice, but also lunch or break time. Especially when the weather is hot, drink cold orange juice will be taste very delightful and fresh.

But, do you know that lime squash or orange juice which is very sour and contain high acid will break your teeth especially the email? An expert from USA said that, sour/acid fruits are able to destroy your email up to 84%. This was confirm back by Dr Yan-Fang Ren from the Eastman Institute for Oral Health, University of Rochester Medical Center New York. He said that acid is the dominant factor in the process of email damage. He found this thing when he had a research to teeth whitening product where about 6% of the material used for those products is hydrogen peroxide .

Brush TeethDr Ren said that most soft drinks and fruit juice contain acid are able to break your teeth, especially if you consume it more than 20 days continuously, this will accelerate your teeth damage.

That’s why, experts suggest you all to often brush teeth so the acid residue that cover the email was gone and removed clearly. Besides, don’t too often consume any foods or drinks that taste too sour and contain high acid.