14 October 2009

10 Habits That Destroyed Your Teeth

You think your teeth are pretty healthy because you never feel hurt or pain when you drink or eat something cold or sweet. But, are you really sure your tooth is healthy? Hm, you doubt it! If your teeth start to become yellow because you love drink coffee or your gums looks thinner, that’s the sign that you have serious problem about your tooth. So, please, get extra attention to these next habits to know does your dental health is really keep well.

1. Brushing Teeth Too Hard
Brushing TeethUsing tooth brush which has strong brush and brushing teeth with high pressure can remove enamel, a tooth protector permanently. This condition stimulates your teeth become too sensitive, make dental cavity, and make gum getting thinner. Better, use soft brush and brush your teeth with circle movement for about 2 minutes, at least twice a day. Tooth brush with slim head can move easily in the small mouth, while longer handle tooth brush more able to reach the molar teeth than the shorter one.

Tooth Paste2. Using The Wrong Tooth Paste
Don’t you just believe to tooth paste that claim contains very useful substance. Some tooth paste, especially the "tartar control" can cause abrasion. Tooth paste which contains scrub and hard substance can scrap your enamel and cause your gum thinner. Fluoride tooth paste is enough and good for you.

Dental Floss3. Do Not Use Dental Floss
Bacteria on the teeth can reproduction become plaque, the main cause of dental cavity and gum disease in 24 hours. Use Dental floss once a day to remove plaque.

Soda Drink4. Too Much Drink Soda
Soda drink, including the diet version contains phosphoric acid, which can scrap your teeth slowly. If you used to consume this drink, you can use straw to minimize direct contact to teeth and don’t forget to brush your teeth after that.

5. Food and Drink Remaining Stain
Food StainTooth enamel is like sponge. Food or drink that remain stain on plate or cup, such as coffee, tea, cola drinks, marinara sauce, or soybean sauce, can also make your teeth turn to be yellow slowly. Ask your doctor to do the laser whitening treatment, bleaching, or Prophy Power, a new procedure where sodium bicarbonate (soft whitening agent) mix with strong sprayed water to remove stain without remove enamel. Tooth paste with whitening agent can also whitening your teeth, but it’s little bit too hard for your enamel.

Eat Snack6. Love To Eat Snack
Every time you eat something, especially sweet food or contain flour, bacteria that live inside your mouth will produce acid to break the food. But, this acid can also attack your teeth and make your teeth damaged. As alternative way, you can consume fruits and crispy vegetable (e.g apple or carrot) as main food or snack. Dentists also consider this food as natural tooth brush because they have effect as detergent to remove plaque. Chewing free sugar bubble gum such as xylitol also help you to prevent dental cavity by increasing the production of saliva. Saliva will remove bacteria caused dental cavity.

Teeth as Tool7. Use Teeth as a Tool or Device
Open potato chip bag which made from aluminum foil or loosing out knot using tooth can make your tooth crack and broken, and also depraved tooth treatment you are going through. Other habit that can damaged your teeth are chewing ice, frozen chocolate, or even hard candy.

Tooth8. Disregard Your Problem About Tooth
Bleeding gums and unpleasant smell of your mouth are one of indication that you have problem with your gums. To solve your problem about unpleasant smell of your mouth, you should drink lot of water to keep your mouth humid, and remove excessive bacteria in your mouth by using tongue scrap (sold in pharmacy and supermarket). To prevent gum bleeding, brush your teeth regularly and don’t forget to use dental floss. Go to the dentist if you’re not going well soon.

Dentist9. Avoiding Dentist
Very suggested to check your dental health twice a year. But, people often ignore this suggestion. In fact, if you had problem with your gum, at least you should control to your dentist every three months.

Lips10. Ignore Your Lips
No matter how good is your teeth condition, your smile will not look bright if you let your lips dry and crockery. Lip skin which thinner than the other skin, lean to loose its moisture and change along with you getting old. Apply lip balm contains moisturizer everyday will be very helpful.