03 July 2009

About 55% of American citizen are overweight or obesity now. This number is increase significantly compare with data in 1980’s only 33% of American citizen are overweight. Another worried statistic is child obesity reach until 100% in 2009 from the beginning 1980’s and last 1990’s.

So, why this facts are scary? Are the more we age increase the heavier our weight? That’s true, but many of use miss perception about how to keep healthy, especially when the time is come for diet. This next article will explain whether the myth is right or wrong.

Physical exercise 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes will make your weight go down
Wrong. Little exercise is better than no exercise at all. I don’t say exercise is useless, but exercise can burn calorie and really can reduce or keep your weight. Although exercise moderately can make your body healthy but to losing weight is depends how and what is the exercise.

For example : If you about 3 mil/hour and take 30 minutes, 4 times a week, then you’ll walk totally 6 mil/week. If each mil you burn 600 calories, than during that whole week you burn 600 calories. That 600 calories only reduce your weight about a quarter pound, and that still depends how you keep your diet. If you eat little bit more, then of course your weight is not going down.
If you want exercise as your first and main strategy to losing weight, you need to do more exercise now. The best way is combine exercise with low calorie diet.

Walking is the best way to reduce weight
Right. Just like other physical activity, walking can burn calorie and help you to reduce weight. It’s good if you walking fast, not slow walk. The longer you walk the more you burn calorie.
Do about 10,000 steps a day (about 5 mil). If each mil burn about 100 calories, then you’ll burn more than 500 a day. Do it everyday and you’ll burn more than 3,500 calories or 1 pound a week.

Additional Protein will stimulate muscle growth
Wrong. Protein do had important role for our body—build and manage muscles, hormone and enzymes synthesis and consolidate immune cell. But, excessive amount will be accumulates as fat, same like carbohydrate.

Basic Rule: How many calorie, if you consume it in excessive amount will be kept as fat. The best way to build muscle is having an intensive exercise and consume more calorie from protein.

I can eat egg without afraid being fat
Right. Egg is good for you. Research showed many people who diet had high risk to get liver disease, it because of the saturated fat and egg contain low saturated fat. Egg also contain low calorie (about 75 calories for boiled egg and 110 calories for fried egg). Egg also contains essential nutrients and antioxidant.

American Heart Association recommends one egg each day is good and enough. For the rest of the day, you should change egg and bacon with fruits and bread and always use non cholesterol or low margarine to cook egg.

Diet pills is the best way to losing weight
Wrong. Safe diet pills or diet drugs is drug which been prove by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for people who had significant overweight—them who had 30% excess of weight from normal weight or them who had disease because of obesity such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol level or diabetic.

Obesity drugs such as Meridia (works on brain to control appetizer), and Xenical (inhibits fat to be absorbed) only permitted to use to change diet and life style.
Obesity is chronic disease and can not be changed in short therapy.

Vitamin supplement needed to reduce weight
Wrong. Supplement can not make miracle, and con not neutralize the effect of fat heap. Don’t depend on supplement as a short cut to full fill your nutrients. You can get the same amount of vitamin by consume fruits and vegetables (which also contain fiber, antioxidant and other nutrients which you can’t get from supplement pill).

However, if you eat less than 1,500 calories a day, you need to consume additional multivitamin-mineral supplement.

I can eat fat food when I’m on diet
Right. If this your favorite food even it contain fat in it, you still can consume it. You don’t have to denied your self. Eat it but in control portion, don’t eat excessively, if you afraid you can count calorie in a portion food you eat, than balanced it.

Now, you know the myth and the fact, How you’re going to do to change your diet?

Adopt a better life style
First, take out all junk food in your place and change it with better snack, more healthy and had more nutrients, like fruits, vegetables and beans.

Then make sure to increase your activity everyday. For example, you can park your car at the end of the road and you walking farther than usual or you can use stair to go to the second floor rather than use escalator. This few thing will burn your calories more.

Stop smoking, gambling, drink alcohol, and other habit that make you addicted. Then start to make list and menu for a week and obey it. And always your portion you’re your favorite menu, like beef meat and pasta, don’t ever had excessive portion.

And last, drink more water every day. This help you to ménage your metabolism and consolidate your immune system. When you drink more water, you can reduce a bit of your hunger.


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