13 July 2009

Women shouldn’t delay to have child until end of thirty or forty because it’s involve trouble and health risk, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) warn.

That college said delaying have a child will “push” women to have child in their “most fertile moment”, generally between 20 to 35 years old.

There is also "urge requirement" for women to make more realize about potential problems, so they not feel regret delay to become a mother, RCOG warn.

Louise Silverton, secretary of deputy general of Royal College of Midwives, said : “pregnancy complication is mostly happened in elder women; they have induction level and higher caesar birth, which cause big risk to mother or the baby."

Even so, we support all women decide when she want to start pregnant."

“Many women feel they have to delay her pregnancy until her financial condition is stable and possible to add other member of the family."

“The point is they have to listen the information about the risk of giving birth in overdue age."

About 19% of pregnant woman now are in 40 age. In 2008, there are 26,419 babies was born from 40 years old (even more) women.

Research Showed that fertility has been descend significantly after 35, and more descend after 40, while chance of miscarriage also increase.

Using fertility treatment in that ages also not guarantee will be successful. Birth rate after IVF treatment for women under 35 is 31%. 40 years old women also have higher risk to get complication, such as diabetic and pre-eclampsia, a deadly syndrome where blood pressure become so high during pregnancy.

The reason to delay become a mother is very complex and involve pretension to have a stable relationship with spouse who support her and also long with her carrier.

"Women must supported, rather than push, there are options in her life," the organization warn.

Melanie Davies, from University College London, one a scientist, said: "If you don’t have all the information, you can make a decision without enough knowledge, which can be ended in regret."

She also add: "All medical information said that better have a child before 35 than after that age."

Mary Newburn, from National Childbirth Trust (NCT), said: "There are so many reasons for women to delay having child; this includes desirable to build carrier or to reach independence financial condition."

"Now we need to see how to make woman to stop having an early carrier and make her possible to have child in younger age."


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