01 July 2009

People Who Had Insomnia Get Better Sleep At NightAlmost 1 of 10 person had insomnia, Dr. Norah Vincent and Samantha Lewycky from University of Manitoba at Winnipeg said on journal : Sleep, mean while, effective treatment available, most people don’t look after it.

They make an online program to cope with insomnia with proofed scientific phenomenological, include information about sleep healthiness and relaxation therapy, and randomly, 118 people who had chronic insomnia register to this program or in waiting list to endure as controlled group.

Over all, third of the subjects dropped out before the research finished. Half of them designated by doctor to dropped out, 18 % of them responded newspaper advertising and apply to be volunteer. "Very likely those people who had high pre-treatment motivation level feel more comfortable with technology, and/or had different expectation about appropriate treatment with their sleep disorders," said Vincent and Lewycky.

People Who Had Insomnia Get Better Sleep At NightFrom 40 people who finished the program, 35 % said that symptoms they had "many or very changes," 46 % said they had "few changes," 16 % said their symptoms don’t change at all, and one person judge bad.

With comparison, in controlled group, 61 % reported had no changes and 30 % said they feel little change, while one person reported had much better change and one other person said very bad result.

While there is no one in group who finished the treatment got normal sleep in the early research, about a quarter from them who finished the treatment; 40 % experience some changes, 10 % had very good experience for the rime they spend for sleep, and 30 % got additional sleeping time.

They conclude that online treatment perhaps can be an effective treatment for people who had chronic insomnia, and research in the future should investigate who gona get the advantage.


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