17 July 2009

1. Hair Fall
Recipe for people who suffer from hair fall or baldness : mixture of hot olive oil, 1 sp honey and 1 tsp cinnamon powder before bath. Apply it on the head and allow it for about 15 minutes then rinse it. Research also showed if you allow it only for 5 minutes, the mixture is still effective.

2. Urinary Tract Infection
Mix 2 sp cinnamon powder and 1 tsp honey into lukewarm water and then drink it. This mixture will kill all the germs in urinary tract.

3. Toothache
Make mixture of 1 tsp cinnamon powder and 5 tsp honey.

4. Cholesterol
Cholesterol level can be reduced by consume this concoction : 2 sp honey and 3 tsp cinnamon powder mix with 16 ounce (about 1 pound = 454 gram) liquid tea. This concoction can reduce the cholesterol level until 10 % in 2 hours. Pure honey which consumed daily can reduce the cholesterol symptoms.

5. Cold
Heavy and light cold can be cured consume 1 sp warm honey and ¼ tsp cinnamon powder everyday for 3 days. This mixture can treat almosr all kind of cough and chronic cold and also treat your sinusitis.

6. Barren
Greek medication and Ayurveda has been used honey for year to strengthen man’s sperm. Consume two spoon of honey regularly before sleep can effect your fertility. Japanese, Chinese and East Asia woman who are difficult to pregnant and want to strengthen their uterus have been consume cinnamon powder commonly since centuries ago.

Woman who is difficult to pregnant should often apply honey and cinnamon powder on her gums. If you apply it, cinnamon will be united with saliva and entering your body. There’s a wife and husband couple from Maryland who don’t have descendents for 14 years and almost desperate. When they know the peculiar property of cinnamon and honey, they consume it. The wife get pregnant and giving birth twin babies.

7. Stomachache
Honey mix with cinnamon powder can treat stomachache. This mixture also can clean up your digestion, also cure boil.

8. Flatulence
Research in India and Japan declared that honey which consume with cinnamon can reduce gas in your stomach and intestines (flatulence).

9. The Smell of Your Breath
1 tsp of honey and cinnamon powder dissolve in hot water can keep your breath fresh all day. South American people usually drink this mixture in the morning.

10. Headache Caused By Sinusitis
Drink mixture of honey and orange juice can cure your headache caused by sinusitis.

11. Exhausted
Last study showed that sugar content in honey is very useful for your body. Geriatric who consume honey and cinnamon powder with the same portion, has been proved make them more fresh, fit and flexible. Dr. Milton’s research proved that ½ sp of honey which drink with a glass of water sowed with cinnamon powder can increase your vitality in a week. You should consume this mixture everyday after brush teeth and consume at 3 pm when your energy level is down.

12. Cancer
Last research in Japan and Australia Showed that stomach and bone cancer can be cured by cinnamon and honey. Patients only need to drink 1 sp honey and 1 tsp cinnamon powder for a month 3 times a day.

13. Over Weight
Drink a glass of water which been add and boiled with honey and cinnamon powder every morning ½ hour before breakfast or when your stomach still empty. If you consume it regularly you can reduce your weight, even for people who had severe obesity. Drink this mixture regularly to prevent fat accumulation in your body, even you still eat high calorie food.

14. Influenza
Spanish researchers has been proved that honey contains natural ingredients which can kill bacteria and germ causing influenza and cure patients who suffer from severe influenza. So, you should drink honey when you get flu.

15. Acne
Apply spread 3 sp honey and 1 tsp cinnamon powder on your face before sleep. Rinse your face in the next day with warm water. If you do it regularly every day for about 2 weeks, your acne will be gone.

16. Skin infection
Take 1 part of honey and 1 part of cinnamon powder, apply it on your skin which feel hurt and infected.

17. Anti-aging
Tea which been mix with honey and cinnamon powder and drink everyday can prevent you from aging. Take 4 sp honey, 1 sp cinnamon powder and 3 cup of water then coiled it like you make tea. Drink it 4 times a day. This mixture will make your skin keep fresh and soft and also prevent you from early aging.

18. Arthritis
Take 1 part of honey and 2 parts of lukewarm water. Add 1 tsp cinnamon powder. Mix it all. Massage this mixture the part of the body which you feel hurt. The feel of pain will be reduce in 1-2 minutes. For arthritis patient can drink a cup of hot water added with 2 sp honey and 1 tsp cinnamon powder every morning and every night.

If you drink this mixture regularly, this mixture can cure chronic arthritis. Last research from Copenhagen University use mixture of 1 sp honey and ½ tsp cinnamon powder which given to the patient before breakfast. The result is in a week 73 from 200 patients has been totally cured. Most of the patients who can not move or walk can able to move and walk again without feeling any pain.

19. Heart Disease
Consume honey and cinnamon powder when you breakfast every morning. Cinnamon and honey can reduce your cholesterol level inside blood vessel, and reduce the risk of heart attack. People who ever have heart attack possible to be stayed away from the second heart attach if they consume honey and cinnamon regularly.


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