30 June 2009

Most people dieting to have slim body or to get out from stressed condition called overweight. But, what will happen if you already followed dreadful diet but still no positive outcome? Definitely, you’ll be disappointed. But, before you blame the diet method, better you observe does the diet you are going through is right? Because, according to experts, diet which not shown good result immediately is not because the method is wrong, but more because the wrong diet application.

Some mistakes happen when dieting :

1. Eat Too Fast.
There is no benefit eating too fast, except if you following the fastest eat competition. In fact, eating too rush will make your stomach hard to feel full. That’s why, although you’re in rush cashing time, you should eat calmly and relax. Enjoy each of the chew, and feel the delicacy. By eating slowly, you’ll feel full before your eating more food.

2. No Breakfast
Diet can be done by restrict calorie intake into your body. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t have breakfast to prevent obesity. New research showed that people who don’t have breakfast, often have more weight than people who had breakfast every morning. It because eating habits less than 3 times a day, precisely caused man take more calorie between the main meal time. That’s why you should keep your schedule by eating 3 times a day. Always start your day consume healthy breakfast and watch the menu. Breakfast menu should content lot of protein and fiber, not too much carbohydrate.

3. Consume Lot of Energy and Calorie Drink
Said who fat only caused by food? Too much drink, especially contained high calories, such as Smoothy, sweet coffee, sweet juice, tea, and Soda also make you have gain weight. That’s why although you dreadfully diet by limited your food intake, but you still consume energy and calorie drink, still your weight will hard to reduce. A research showed that 21% of calorie intake in obesity people in came from the drinks. Change your habits! Change your drink! Drink water, Skimmed milk, Diet Soda, vegetable juice and small portion of free sugar fruit juice.

4. Don’t Know the Normal Portion
For them who usually eat outside your home, often don’t realized that the portion size of the restaurant or cafĂ© they eat is excessive. That’s why, although you eliminate your meal time, still you feel so hard to losing weight. To avoid it, nutritionists gave these next suggestions:
a) Use smaller plate or bowl, so your portion meal less too.
b) If necessary, don’t ate up the whole meal on the plate.
c) Periodically, count your meal calorie, is it suitable with your needs or excessive.

5. Still Snacking
Diet with restrict your main meal, is worthless if you still love snacking and you often doing it while you watching TV or reading a book. Snacking make we consume more calories without thinking first so unrealized the calorie intake is excessive. To make you control the passion of snacking, watch this calorie in your favorite snacks;
a) 1 ons fried potato = 88 calories.
b) 1.5 piece doughnut = 100 calories.
c) 3 pieces Oreo Cookies = 160 calories.
d) 15 chips crispy Tortilla = 142 calories.
e) 20 chips crispy potato = 162 calories.

Imagine if you consume a pack potato chips (more than 20 chips) or a pack (more than 3 pieces),your calorie intake must be multiple. To make your diet success, there is no way other than stop snacking or change your snack with my favorite snack : a glass of water, or chew no sugar candy. If you still want to snack, eat in small portion. The secret key is self control not to snack excessively.

The mistake often happens when you diet is you’re had to much thinking that you’re dieting now. Actually, thinking about diet precisely make you obsessed with food and you’ll be more and more want to snack. That’s why shift away your though from what are you doing right now. If you’re dieting, just have a certain attitude, and get through the process without load. The more you think about it, you’ll feel diet as a heavy load and break your firmness in strong effort to losing weight.


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