08 June 2009

Breast Cancer is a malignant tumor which growth under breast tissue. The cancer starts to grow in the mammary gland or fat tissue.

At the height of women awareness to do regular examination for their breast, the mortality level can be reduced, especially for patient under 30 years old. But, if the cancer has been exist in your body longer, you should go through a serial test and examination.

Breast cancer has been experience a fast blooming from early stadium until dreadful stadium, but you don’t have to be panic because of technology medicine advancement, there is still possibility to survive from this disease.

Here are some details about stadium and terminology of breast cancer medical treatment :

# Stadium 1
In this stadium, the cancer lump is not more than 2 cm and can not be detected from outside. A systematic treatment will be given to that cancer in this stadium, the purpose is to make the cancer cell doesn’t spread and not continuous to the next level. In this stadium, possibility to recover is 70%.

# Stadium 2
The possibility to recover in this stadium is 30 - 40 %, depends on the area or scope of cancer cell spreading. Usually, the width of the lump has been more than 2 cm, in fact, it can reach until 5 cm and the spread level has been reach to armpit area. Or the size of the cancer has been reach 5 cm but still not spread yet. Usually, doctor will do some operation to take up cancer cell at all spreading are, and after surgery doctor will do some illumination or radiation to make sure there is no other cancer cell left.

# Stadium 3A
87% breast cancer was diagnosed in this stadium. The lump has been more than 5 and has been spread until spleen gland.

# Stadium 3B
Cancer has been spread through all part of the breast, even through the skin, ribs and breast muscle. Besides, the spread also attack the spleen gland savagely. If that so, there is no other alternative ways than breast removal.

# Stadium 4
Cancer cell has been creep spread to other part of the body, bone, lungs, liver or brain. It can also attack skin, and spleen gland in the neck. Same like stadium 3, the action doctor should do is breast removal.

Here are some terminology of medical action doctor will do to stop the growth of cancer cell :

- Lumpectomy
The common word is lump removal. Usually, this removal also include little part of healthy tissue. In this way, the healthy remain tissue is expected to reform the breast naturally.

- Radical Mastectomy
Radical Mastectomy is part or whole breast removal include the breast muscle under the breast to prevent spreading of the cancer cell getting wider. Now, this method is rarely done in medicine technology.

- Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy is a therapy given as certain drugs which have very strong effect (anticancer). This therapy is given orally or intravenous (injection). This treatment is given regularly with 3 to 6 months cycle.

- Hormonal therapy
Hormone is working as inhibitor of cancer cell growth.

- Radiation Therapy
This treatment usually give coincide with lumpectomy or mastectomy. The function of this therapy is to destroy cancer cell to prevent the spreading of cancer cell to other part of the body.

Breast cancer verdict is not the end of life, doctor is a human who can say anything. But, still God determines everything, including human life. So, don’t be desperate, whatever your condition is, you still have a hope!


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