14 May 2009

Drink Milk FirstRecent lifestyle, consider carrier and job as most important thing in this world, makes your body disturb, including your sleep schedule. Sometimes, this alteration not only influence your physical but also your metabolism.

Someone get stressed usually because the hearth works to fast, make blood circulation run faster sometimes too fast. Generally, in this condition like this, blood will increase its capacity to circulate oxygen and nutrients more. But, at the other side, capacity and blood function related to relaxation will be descend. This condition will make you exhausted, so your body will demand you to get rest more over. But, many cases show that many workers exhausted for their jobs so make them hard to sleep.

Drink Milk FirstSome researches show that the supporting thing to have profound sleep is feeling of relax through all your body. Before sleep, the metabolism speed and mind intense should be decrease. One of the method which believed the most potent to help profound sleep is drink a glass of warm milk before sleep.

Many people think that hard to sleep or sleep like a log is because insomnia. But, insomnia had wider interpretation, covered disruption at the beginning, during and the end of sleep.

Most of insomnia cases caused by mental disorder, such as depression, cares of life or tension. Other cause is physical disorder and unpleasant condition, such as too hot or too cold weather, noisy neighborhood, diet and biological rhythm disruption, such as jetlag or heavy physical activity before bed.

Insomnia also can be triggered by some food such as coffee and salt. Salt can stimulate adrenalin gland with the same way as caffeine and also stimulate high blood pressure which make you hard to sleep. To make someone fast asleep, usually doctor will suggest you to :
  • take a warm bath
  • Drink Milk Firstsleep at the same time every day
  • not consume alcohol before sleep
  • not sleep in daylight
  • buy new bed
  • read light novel
  • write your activity on a list for tomorrow
  • sleep in dark and quite room
  • drink a glass of warm milk before sleep
A glass of warm milk occur relaxation effect and feeling of comfortable in your body, slow down metabolism and occur the feeling of sleepiness. The main ingredients inside milk which can help you to relaxation is mineral and protein milk.

Drink Milk FirstCalcium. Calcium can control the blood pressure. Usually, stable blood pressure can prevent you from stress and occur feeling of relax to ease you to sleep.

Magnesium. This ingredient able to prevent your muscle become stiff, spasm or cramps, and feel pain after work all day or when woman had menstruation.

Phosphor. With calcium, phosphor works to maintain muscle, especially in contraction and relaxation regulation. Milk protein, alpha-lactalbumin, can increase you immune against stress, induce sleepiness, soothe pain, works as modulator for brain, organize stability of emotion, adding capacity and appetite.

Other component contained in milk also can reduce stress by control the glucose level in blood, soothe nerve tension, and help to produce serotonin and hormone melatonin.
Milk has many benefits for our body, not only good for bone. So, if you want to have healthy and fresh body, go start to drink a glass of milk in the night.


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