14 May 2009

Health consumption is getting more and more expensive in years and we can’t belittle to our health. That’s why there’s always prize for a health, especially when you sick or had some chronic disease.

You know the visit is almost over when your doctor picks up her pen and prescription pad. But before you leave the office, don’t forget to bring up this important medical issue : the cost of drugs. If you can't afford to take a medication, it can't benefit your health.
And there are many ways to save money on medicine even if you have good insurance. Learn how to face doctor who write prescription drug.

1. Changes Your lifestyle first before starting a drug regimen
Many chronic medical problems treat first by changes the lifestyle. For example, you can reduce your overweight if you have diabetes, instead of consume diabetes drug. Even small weight loss can stabilize blood-sugar levels and you don’t have to consume drug for your entire life. But, before you try it, you should consult with your doctor first. Some conditions may require medication from the outset, which can then be reduced if lifestyle changes have enough of an effect.

2. Can I try the least expensive option first?
If you're starting a new treatment, why not start with the most economic medication rather than a brand-new drug. Are there any generics or similar medicines or ones in the same class that are less expensive that I can try first?

Older drugs usually the generic versions, are often as effective as newer ones for certain conditions but are usually a lot less expensive.
Ask your doctor if there’s a less expensive drug in the same class. Beta-blockers, for example, are used to treat hypertension. On some online drug stores, the price for a three-month supply of the lowest starting dose (5 mg) of bisoprolol fumarate is about $93, while another beta-blocker, atenolol, costs only around $12 for the lowest starting dose (25 mg).

3. Afford Long-term Medication
If you taking multiple medications, you should think the long term future. It's really important for patients to be proactive and ask their doctor if there are cheaper alternatives

4. Free samples? Think Once Again
Patients who had received samples had significantly higher prescription costs than patients who didn't. Sample is always the newest and most expensive brand-name drugs, and after the free samples run out, you are more likely to continue buying that brand. You should change cheaper medicine, use the generic drug.

5. Talk to Your Pharmacist for More Information
If you already have a prescription, it’s not too late to consult your pharmacist. When patients are prescribed an expensive medicine or one with a high co-pay, a pharmacist can tell them what they can substitute. After that you'll need to discuss again the alternative medications with your doctor.


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