23 May 2009

Actually, this fruit has already shown in Indonesia since 90’s. But, only few people consume it, because fruit named Citrus parodist is not quite popular in Indonesia. Some researches conclude that grapefruit can help you to loose your weight. Long time ago, western people have put grapefruit as one of their diet and they got the amazing result with their body.

Grapefruit is a nutrients warehouse. There are lots of nutrients inside it. They are :
  1. Pectin : soluble fiber, helps to reduce the cholesterol level in blood.
  2. Bioflavonoid : inhibits hormone which stimulate tumor and cancer cell growth.
  3. Lycopene : an antioxidant, inhibits the prostate cancer growth.
  4. Phenolic acid : inhibits the formation of nitrosamine, the cause of cancer.
  5. Limonoid, terpen and monoterpen : helps to produce enzyme, prevent cancer.
  6. Naringenin : help to reduce your cholesterol level inside your blood.
  7. Iron : helps in formation of hemoglobin.
  8. Calsium : helps in formation of strong bone.
  9. Potassium and magnesium : work as electrolyte inside your body.
  10. Alpha and beta carotene : helps to maintain the eyes and the skin.
  11. Vitamin C : maintain your immune system inside your body.
  12. Folic acid : prevent the dead of fetus.
  13. Amino acid : helps to strengthen your muscle.
  14. Vitamin B1 (Thiamine HCl) : help your metabolism system inside your body and Vitamin B6, maintain your nerve and brain.
In stores, grapefruit available in 2 types, pink/red and yellow. The difference is on the peel and the flesh, but the taste is not too different. Both of them have after taste like stiff and rough feeling. Now, you can find grapefruit juice or grapefruit food supplement too, so it’s more practical. But, the biggest weight loss effect still found at the un-process grapefruit.

Reduce the insulin level. Grapefruit has thermogenic effect (produce heat on the body), so it can accelerate burning your fat. According to research at the American Journal of Physiology, sugar in fructose form (like in fruits), have higher thermogenic effect than glucose. But then, this assumption has been shift after Dr. Ken Fujioka invention from center of Nutrients and Metabolism, Scripps Clinic, San Diego, USA. Fujioka has been studying to 100 overweight adult. They divided into three groups. The first group is consume half grapefruit every time before meal, the second group is drink a glass of grapefruit juice every time before meal, and last group is not consume grapefruit at all.

As long as 12 weeks, all the participants don’t show significant changes in their diet and exercise. After 12 weeks, result show that the first and the second group have derivation of weight each for 1.8 kg and 1.6 kg, also they show derivation on insulin level. While the third group show that they loss their weight less than 0.5 kg and the insulin level show there’s no significant changes. Researches guess, that insulin is the one who play important role in weight loss.

Generally, grapefruit diet is safe for healthy person. If you under treatment and consume certain drug, you should consult first with your doctor. Some elements in grapefruit were known can disturb some drugs, like hypertension drug, cholesterol drug, depressant and antivirus drugs. Substance inside grapefruit also can inhibit enzyme in intestinal which works to break and absorb active ingredients naturally.

Presumable, flavonoid and furanocoumarin become the cause of that enzyme inhabitation. So, the effect is blood pressure still raising up. For you who have problem with obesity, it’s very advisable to losing your weight, by diet or exercise.

In this way, you weight is expected to be on normal weight faster than only consume grapefruit. If you push your self too much to consume this fruit, I suggest you try this fruit taste first, also recognized the side effect. Interested to try?


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