26 May 2009

There are so many supplements acquire currency by producer to stimulate stamina to be more powerful. But, do you know which supplement is good for your body? Does it require the standard and how effective is the supplement? There are few supplements which is good for you to consume, check this out.

Boron for prostate. Studies show, man risk to get prostate cancer will descend to 65% if they consume more boron. Consume boron about 3 mg a day. Benefit of Boron is not prevent you to get cancer but according to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), boron also increase your memory and concentration. But if you hard to find this medicine, then you can consume raisin and almond.

Folic acid stays away you from Alzheimer. The main superiority of folic acid is to build hemoglobin. Another benefit is make your nerves work maximally. Folic acid also maintains homocysteine-amino acid level which increases the risk of agglomeration keep low. High homocysteine level was be keyed to the beginning of Alzheimer, such as loss memory. Scientist from Sweden said, generally Alzheimer patient had lack of folic acid. Consume acid for about 500 mcg a day to descent the homocysteine level to 18% or more. You also can find it in food like orange, peanut, bread and cereal.

Calcium strengthened bone and losing weight. Man who consumes more calcium, generally had lighter weight than them who consume less calcium. But, there many men don’t require their need of calcium 1000 mg a day (1 glass of milk only give 300 mg of calcium). To get enough calcium intake, try this : 1,200 mg of calcium a day, 600 mg in the morning and the remain calcium at the night, this was use to optimize absorption. If you usually drink 3 glass of milk a day, then you don’t need additional calcium. It because consume too much calcium will give you new problem. Ideally, man needs 2,500 mg of calcium a day.

Chromium to prevent diabetes. Yes, supplement function to evolving your muscle. For you who had fat body and had diabetes, then you should consume chromium. Chromium is best options to keep your insulin level steady. Chromium also increase sensitivity of your body to insulin, make your blood sugar level easier to control. Consume 35 mcg of chromium a day. Read the label and go find chromium picolinate, it was the most stable chromium form. You should consult with your doctor if you had diabetes, because usually you only can consume chromium 200 mcg a day.

Coenzim Q10 as energyzer. Make upgrading energy in the cell, all at once had good effect as antioxidant. It’s very good for diabetic people, heart disorder which is constriction of vessel, or them who don’t like to exercise. Actually, your body can produce coenzim Q 10, but as long as you age, the production is getting less. A study said, coenzim Q10 can fight cancer, Parkinson disease, Huntington disease and make your blood more liquid. In a day you should consume Q10 for about 100 mg. You’ll never found coenzim Q10 in multivitamin or get enough quantity in food. If you consume statin drug (cholesterol drug), then you should consume coenzim Q10 until 200 mg. Because statin can descent this supplement effect.

Creatin to increase muscle and memory. Researchers at Medical College of Wisconsin found a fact, man drink creatin in 2-3 is able to gain load bench press until 7 kg and squat for about 9.5 kg. Researchers at Australia also found, memory test and intellectual also increase in 6 weeks after consume creatin. Consume creatin 5 g a day, and mix it with whey in protein shake to maximal effect.

Glucosamine for the joint. Glucosamine is very good for joint, especially if you get older. The amount of cartilage in the joint since your 19 years old is definitely changes. Consume glucosamine made from crab and lobster skin can repair cell all at once regenerate cartilage. A study for 3 years on 200 responders which published in Lancet said, glucosamine is proven to help out pain and awkwardness to 25%. Not only that, but also help to prevent osteoarthritis on the knee. The British Journal of Sports Medicine added, 88% patient who got joint inflammation also report their pain descent after consume glucosamine for 12 weeks. Consume glucosamine for about 1500 mg a day. According to a study at Australia, apply glucosamine cream on the pain joint can reduce pain.

Omega-3 to protect the heart. Omega-3 fatty acid is essential fatty acid which means it has to be get outside of your body. This fatty acid is really needed for cells especially for membrane or the outset layer of cell to make it healthy. Omega-3 also maintain immune system to work maximally, keep blood pressure and triglyceride level keep low, make your heart beat regularly, and make your blood more slippery so reduce the risk of agglomeration.

For healthy men, they need to consume omega 3 for about 1000 mg a day. For them who had heart problem, they need 2000-4000 mg. But, remember, always consult with your doctor first. Too much consume Omega-3 can make you got flu easier. Drink Omega-3 after meal, your mouth will free from fish smell. Some options: Omega Brite as gelatin capsule 500 mg or Salmon Omega-3 1000 mg Nature Plus, Omega-3 1000 mg Wellness, Omega-3 Salmon 1000 mg Sea-Quill.

Selenium against cancer. This was one of nutrients which effective to prevent cancer. Selenium coerces to destroy their self. Combs study had conclusion that consume higher selenium, will reduce the risk to get cancer such as prostate cancer, colon cancer, and lungs cancer. Actually, selenium needed only in small amount for our body. It would be better if you consume selenium for about 200 mcg a day. Drink more water when you sick. Natural selenium Supplement is Brazil nut, contains 100 mcg each.

Vitamin E to make you ageless. Vitamin E is the strongest antioxidant, reduce the risk of eye disorder, heart, cancer, and even Alzheimer. Vitamin E also repairs the damage muscle after exercise. Consume vitamin E as many as 400 international unit (IU) a day, because you only get very little vitamin E from your daily food. Usually, multivitamin only contains 45 IU. So, you can increase your consumption intake by eat more peanuts and oil. Choose natural vitamin E than the synthetic one because synthetic vitamin E is more difficult to metabolize in your body.


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