21 April 2009

It is a hard work to have slim and sexy body and Losing weight is damn not easy. You need dedication, motivation and hard work. Talking about losing weight means talking about time and habits, by making a few easy changes you can get the ball rolling on losing weight.

To keep your shellfish, fish, chicken, and turkey diet-friendly, be sure to choose the right preparation method. Be wary of creamy, high-cal condiments that come with entrees, like tartar sauce or special sauce on grilled chicken sandwiches.

No More Fast Food And Fried Food
Fast food and fried food are very high in fat and calorie and of course they contain very little fiber which is good for you. By building your meals around fish and poultry, you can more easily keep temptation at bay by eliminating many poor fast food and restaurant choices, which are over-sized and high in fat.

Cut Out Red Meat
Keep your healthier choices truly healthy by grilling, baking, roasting, broiling or boiling them. Avoid cooking by frying, it may add you some calorie.

Eat More Soup Or Salad
Having a salad or cup of soup for starters can be an at-home habit that pays off in pounds-lost. They can curb your hunger, prevent over-eating, and help you stay in control of portions, all of which are crucial to losing weight. Other benefits, salad and soup content less fat and less calorie, avoided you from additional calorie.

Finish With Fruit
Instead of reaching for the cookie jar or helping yourself to dessert after meals, make a point to finish off with naturally-sweet fruit instead of sinfully-sweet treats. Try to eat them, grab them if you hungry, don’t salty snack. They contains lots of vitamin, mineral and fiber. Few of us eat as much fruit as recommended.


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