03 April 2009

Skin has very important role for our general health. Disruptions which are happen inside the body such as lever, hearth, unbalance hormone will be showed on the skin.
The principle function of skin is as body protector. Skin is the first barrier against all threat that comes from outside of the body, like bacteria. Langerhan cells which occurs under the epidermis layer is part of the immune system.

Skin also functions as secretions. Sebum produced by the sebum gland was carried out through the skin. Urea content as outcome from body metabolism was removed partly through the skin as sweat.

This secretion function was related with the other function as thermo body regulator. Under the skin, there are lots of nerves. If this nerve stimulated, the stimulation will be continue to the brain so brain will give sensation like hot, cold, pressure, vibration, and pain.

Skin also functions as place to keep water and fat, also syntheses vitamin D.

Because of some factors such as chronic disease, unhealthy food, UV exposure, pollution, smoke, and wrong cosmetics, your skin will be unbalanced. The skin will be dry, thin, wrinkle, spotted and pigmented.

Skin has three layers, epidermis, dermis, and subcutant. Epidermis is the outset layer and has function as protection barrier. This layer was divided into 5 parts and always changes. The top layer will be dead and loose.

Time needed to regenerate from the under layer to the topest layer (stratum corneum) is about 3-4 weeks. In certain disorders such as psoriasis, skin regeneration going so fast so the skin layer is very thick.

In this epidermis stratum, the amount of protein is more than in the dermis or subcutant. Skin contains protein, fat, carbohydrate and other minerals.

Under epidermis, there is dermis. Here, contained nerves’ coarse and venous. This layer is a collagen support tissue and elastic fiber which give elasticity and plasticity to the skin.

Dermis also functions as epidermis food provider. The deepest layer is subcutant fat line, which function to make your skin softer. So, if you want to have healthy fresh skin, you should start to take care it regularly.


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