22 April 2009

Eye Gym is not only keep your eyes healthy and acute but you can prevent wrinkle and eye pouch under the eyes. The movement is very easy to do everyday.

One of the most important of the five sense organ is eye. But, because of your rat race activity and work, sometime make you forget to exercising your eyes. Eye gym is very useful to increase eye ability and prevent many eye disorders such as long sight, far-sighted (myope), hazy vision, smarting and redden.

Wrong lifestyle and wrong diet can also stimulate aye disorder. Diabetes and hypertension patient has big possibility to get cataract, glaucoma and retinophaty. Depression, stress and often angry can also stimulate those eyes disorder.

Actually, keep and train eyes so be always healthy is an easy thing. There is way to train your eyes to see the beautiful world, it’s by doing aye gym everyday. Eye gym is is very useful for you who always use eyes when you work, computer operator for example. This activity can be done in all position stand up, sit, lay down or even when you close your eyes.

Many benefits you can get from this gym, like alleviate and remove eye disorder, prevent tumor at the back of the eye and pituitary gland, remove black circle and inflammation under the eyes, remove wrinkles around the eyes, make the eye muscle more elastic and strong, also can exacerbate the vision.

Here are the steps :
  1. Before and after the eye gym, rub your hands till get warm then put your palms on the eyes for 2.5 minutes. Then follow this next steps.
  2. Stand your head straight to the front. Move your eye up (to the sky) and down (to the floor). Do it slowly 5-10 times everyday.
  3. Move your eye balls right and left, try to see your left and right ears. Do it 5-10 times everyday.
  4. Move your eye balls to the top and hold it for a while, then move it to up left and up right. Do it this movement 5-10 times everyday.
  5. Move your eyeballs to down ward and hold it for a while then move it to down left and down right. Do it this movement 5-10 times everyday.
  6. Move your eye balls to up and down at the opposite corner, start from the top left corner to down right corner. Do it this movement 5-10 times everyday.
  7. Do the same movement at no. 5 but start from the top right corner to down left corner.
  8. Turn your eye balls to the right in clockwise 5-10 times. The turn it to the right anticlockwise 5-10 times, 5-10 times. Before you turn your direction, close your eyes and stop any movement for 5-10 seconds.
Try it and feel the different.


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