14 April 2009

Do you the problem of lack of sleep? People are unable to rest at night and this can lead to numberless problems, not only in health but in our everyday performances as well. Tired people are more irritable, their capability of focusing is lessened and do their work as a routine, without being able of clear thinking and decision making.

There are several medical and less medical recommendations to help us regaining our strength and concentration through a good sleep.

1. The atmosphere of the room
Bed RoomIt is recommended not to have any electric equipment in the bedroom. Even the TV should be placed in the living room and not in the bedroom. Temperature is other factor, keep it don’t be too warm or too cold, you can not have a deep rest. It is recommended to keep the temperature between 60-65 degrees. Darkness and silence are also welcome in the bedroom. The most important is to create a relaxing atmosphere, where you feel comfortable and safe.

2. Drinks
BeveragesThere are several drinks for energizing and stimulating. One of these ingredients is caffeine that stimulates the human mind and thus prevents us from falling asleep. Another ingredient is alcohol. Although its first effect upon the human body and brain is to make us sleepy, during the night its impact will be exactly the opposite. While we are asleep, our organs work hard to digest all the food we introduced. The hardest work remains for the liver that has to purify our blood. The harder the liver must work the less deep we can sleep.The third stimulant that prevents our good night sleep is the nicotine. It is advised to avoid at least a smoke before going to bed, but of course it would be the best and the healthiest to quit smoking for good.

Exercise3. Physical exercises
It is vital to be physically tired. It would be enough to walk every day about twenty minutes, to your office or back home, to the shop, or anywhere. Just to take some fresh air. If this can not be fulfilled, you should try to make several easy exercises in your home in the afternoon, or in the evening but not too near to bedtime. Try walking the stairs instead of taking the lift.

Alarm4. Routine
It is thought that people who follow a daily routine, at least in the timing of going to bed and waking up, have less difficulties with falling asleep. It is known that people generally need seven to nine hours to sleep. You have to know the amount of time you need to be rested and make a special program and try to stick to that.

Bed5. The role of the bed
It is not advised to watch TV from the bed, neither to read in the bed. People should quit all their activities with at least 30 minutes before going to bed. The human body needs these thirty minutes to get in the mood of sleeping. If you give it this preparatory time, you will experience a deeper and more resting sleep.

Tea6. Calming drinks
There are two kinds of drinks that usually help before sleeping. One of them is a glass of warm milk that contains calcium which is known for its calming effect. If it does not work for you, try a cup of herbal tea. There are several types that stimulate the brain, but for example the chamomile, anise or lavender teas help you relax.

7. Relaxations
MassagesThere are several practices to get yourself relaxed, it only takes some time before going to bed. One good example or tip is to take a warm but not too hot bath in the evening. The warm water relaxes all the muscles and clears the brain. A massage or any relaxing activity can be helpful. You can have a nice long conversation with someone dear-not through the internet, but personally. Slow, soothing music can also help forgetting stress. Scents can also relax your body and mind as well. If you practice some kind of meditation, it is welcome to be done before going to bed. It also helps you relax your muscles and your mind.

Hair Comb8. Predefined activities
It does not really matter what actions it would imply. It can be something very simple such as comb your hair, wash your teeth. If you keep this kind of ritual for long enough even the first action of the ritual will remind you of going to bed and sleeping.

Sleep9. No sleeping during the day
If you wish to sleep really deeply during the night, you have to resist the temptation of a little nap after lunch for example. You have to be tired in order to be able to sleep well. Of course sometimes a little nap can be benefic but you have to be careful, not to take too long naps during the day.

No Eating10. No eating before sleeping
You should not eat too much before going to sleep. It is quite the same as with the alcohol. Your organism will have to work hard to digest all you ate, so you won’t be able to rest either. Of course there is one more aspect, that of foods containing stimulants. There are foods that may have similar effect before sleeping to drinking a cup of coffee before going to bed.

Headache11. Health problems
There are physical disorders, illnesses that may cause insomnia, although usually it is generated by stress, unhealthy way of living and the lack of a program to stick to. If no tricks and tips can help you, maybe you should try some sleeping pills and the most important, try to find the real cause of your insomnia.


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