22 April 2009

Eye Gym Exacerbate Your Vision

Eye Gym is not only keep your eyes healthy and acute but you can prevent wrinkle and eye pouch under the eyes. The movement is very easy to do everyday.

One of the most important of the five sense organ is eye. But, because of your rat race activity and work, sometime make you forget to exercising your eyes. Eye gym is very useful to increase eye ability and prevent many eye disorders such as long sight, far-sighted (myope), hazy vision, smarting and redden.

Wrong lifestyle and wrong diet can also stimulate aye disorder. Diabetes and hypertension patient has big possibility to get cataract, glaucoma and retinophaty. Depression, stress and often angry can also stimulate those eyes disorder.

Actually, keep and train eyes so be always healthy is an easy thing. There is way to train your eyes to see the beautiful world, it’s by doing aye gym everyday. Eye gym is is very useful for you who always use eyes when you work, computer operator for example. This activity can be done in all position stand up, sit, lay down or even when you close your eyes.

Many benefits you can get from this gym, like alleviate and remove eye disorder, prevent tumor at the back of the eye and pituitary gland, remove black circle and inflammation under the eyes, remove wrinkles around the eyes, make the eye muscle more elastic and strong, also can exacerbate the vision.

Here are the steps :
  1. Before and after the eye gym, rub your hands till get warm then put your palms on the eyes for 2.5 minutes. Then follow this next steps.
  2. Stand your head straight to the front. Move your eye up (to the sky) and down (to the floor). Do it slowly 5-10 times everyday.
  3. Move your eye balls right and left, try to see your left and right ears. Do it 5-10 times everyday.
  4. Move your eye balls to the top and hold it for a while, then move it to up left and up right. Do it this movement 5-10 times everyday.
  5. Move your eyeballs to down ward and hold it for a while then move it to down left and down right. Do it this movement 5-10 times everyday.
  6. Move your eye balls to up and down at the opposite corner, start from the top left corner to down right corner. Do it this movement 5-10 times everyday.
  7. Do the same movement at no. 5 but start from the top right corner to down left corner.
  8. Turn your eye balls to the right in clockwise 5-10 times. The turn it to the right anticlockwise 5-10 times, 5-10 times. Before you turn your direction, close your eyes and stop any movement for 5-10 seconds.
Try it and feel the different.

21 April 2009

Small Change Habits, Big Change Healthy Weight

It is a hard work to have slim and sexy body and Losing weight is damn not easy. You need dedication, motivation and hard work. Talking about losing weight means talking about time and habits, by making a few easy changes you can get the ball rolling on losing weight.

To keep your shellfish, fish, chicken, and turkey diet-friendly, be sure to choose the right preparation method. Be wary of creamy, high-cal condiments that come with entrees, like tartar sauce or special sauce on grilled chicken sandwiches.

No More Fast Food And Fried Food
Fast food and fried food are very high in fat and calorie and of course they contain very little fiber which is good for you. By building your meals around fish and poultry, you can more easily keep temptation at bay by eliminating many poor fast food and restaurant choices, which are over-sized and high in fat.

Cut Out Red Meat
Keep your healthier choices truly healthy by grilling, baking, roasting, broiling or boiling them. Avoid cooking by frying, it may add you some calorie.

Eat More Soup Or Salad
Having a salad or cup of soup for starters can be an at-home habit that pays off in pounds-lost. They can curb your hunger, prevent over-eating, and help you stay in control of portions, all of which are crucial to losing weight. Other benefits, salad and soup content less fat and less calorie, avoided you from additional calorie.

Finish With Fruit
Instead of reaching for the cookie jar or helping yourself to dessert after meals, make a point to finish off with naturally-sweet fruit instead of sinfully-sweet treats. Try to eat them, grab them if you hungry, don’t salty snack. They contains lots of vitamin, mineral and fiber. Few of us eat as much fruit as recommended.

Cancer Case Raise Up More Than 100% In 100 Years

It’s the time for you to change if you aware of the carcinogens and poisons in your everyday personal care items.

One of the most frightening things a person can hear from their doctor is, you have cancer. Why? Because, until now, there’s no cure for cancer and if they are still alive, that person must have been endure high risk operation or dreadfully chemotherapy. It is expensive and induced illness, hair loss and other side effects of radiation.

You have to know what is the cause of cancer, and you can also prevent or minimize your potential exposure and how you can support your body's natural abilities to protect itself from cancer.

Cancer has become an epidemic, effecting massive numbers of people in all social and economic groups. Death from cancer is exceeded only by heart disease. As comparison, 1 in 2 of all men and 1 in 3 of all women today will develop some form of cancer in their lifetime. This is a massive increase over the 1 person in 80 who contracted cancer 100 years ago. That means the number of cancer victims has been raise up 100% in 100 years.

Beware of severe obesity this may reduce your life for 20 years than people who are not overweight. This year, about 1,200,000 new cancer cases will be diagnosed in the USA alone, with hundreds of thousands more in the UK and in Australia and other Western countries.
Although small improvements have occurred in treating some cancers, the overall rate of recovery for cancer patients has changed very little over the past 50 years. The average cancer survival rate was about 50% in 1950, and it is still about 50% today. For African-Americans, the survival rate in 1950 was under 40%, and it also remains about the same today.

Chemotherapy For Cancer
Don’t you ever think that chemotherapy is very effective in treating cancer and in saving the lives of cancer victims. That’s totally wrong. Chemotherapy consists of a mixture of highly toxic drugs which are given the patient in a series of treatments over a period of time. Research shows that chemotherapy can often cause a partial or even complete shrinkage of a tumour, although this shrinkage does not necessarily prolong expected survival.

In fact cancer often returns even more aggressively than before, because chemotherapy has created more resistant cells. In addition, a strongly negative side effect of chemo is that it can severely damage the body's immune system as well as the kidneys and liver.

20 April 2009

The Power of Natural Medicines

Spices have more antioxidant power than fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants help prevent cancer, Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, and premature aging. A study reported, fifteen aromatic herbs and spices consumed in Central Italy were studied to reveal total phenolic, flavonoid and flavanol content as well as their antioxidant potential as measured by oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC). Comparison was made between salads to which aromatic herbs had been added. The addition of lemon balm and marjoram increased by 150% and 200% respectively the antioxidant capacity of a salad portion, corresponding to an intake of 200 mg. of phenolics and 4000 ORAC units. Among other spices tested, cumin and fresh ginger made the most significant contribution to antioxidant capacity.

Addition of the spice mixture reduced the levels of lipid peroxidation (break down of fats resulting in free radical formation) markers in tissues and improved glucose metabolism and antioxidant status of the rats even though they continued to be fed their fructose diet.

A study in Prostaglandins Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids reported that spices possess antioxidant activity that can preserve the integrity of lipids and reduce lipid peroxidation. The spices tested were garlic, ginger, onion, mint, cloves, cinnamon and pepper. Cloves exhibited the highest and onion showed the least antioxidant activity. The relative antioxidant activities decreased in the order of cloves, cinnamon, pepper, ginger, garlic, mint and onion. Spices mixes of ginger, onion and garlic; onion and ginger; and ginger and garlic showed cumulative inhibition of lipid peroxidation, exhibiting synergistic antioxidant activity. The antioxidant activity of the spice extracts was retained even after boiling for 30 minutes, indicating that the spice constituents were resistant to thermal denaturing.

The Journal of Medicine and Food reported an investigation, 24 herbs and spices at a local supermarket Found many of them have power to inhibit tissue damage and inflammation brought on by high blood-sugar levels in the body. They inhibited the glycation process which has been linked to inflammation and tissue damage in diabetics. The spices with the greatest effects were cloves, cinnamon, allspice, apple pie spice, and pumpkin pie spice.

Study from the Journal of Medicine and Food investigated the effects of red chili, cumin, and black pepper on colon cancer induced in rats. They found that cumin and black pepper suppressed the onset of colon cancer.

Aspergillus parasiticus, commonly known as aflatoxin, is a carginogenic mold that is found on improperly stored grains and peanuts. In a study reported in the Journal of Medicine and Food, the inhibitory effects of 16 spice hydrosols (anise, basil, cumin, dill, Aegean sage, fennel, laurel, mint, oregano, pickling herb, rosemary, sage, savory, sea fennel, sumac and thyme) on the aflatoxin strain were investigated in vitro. The hydrosols of anise, cumin, fennel, mint, pickling herb, oregano, savory, and thyme showed a strong inhibitory effect, while sumac, sea fennel, rosemary, sage, Aegean saage, laural, basil and rosemary were unable to totally inhibit the growth.

These researchers also studied the effects essential oils from of black thyme, cumin, fennel, laurel, marjoram, mint, oregano, pickling herb, sage, savory and thyme against Bacillus species of bacteria. All of the tested oils except laurel showed antibacterial activity against one or more of the Bacillus species used in the study. Researchers concluded that essential oils of some spices may be used as antimicrobial agents to prevent the spoilage of food products. Foods that will be left standing out for a period of time without refrigeration can be made safe with the addition of some of these spices and herbs.

Is That True Salt Can Raise Up Your Blood Pressure? Or It Just a Myth?

Have you ever heard that eating too much going to give us high blood pressure? A recent study suggests that salt doesn't affect blood pressure on its own. There is another thing that can influence high blood pressure, potassium. Blood pressure is constantly being raised and lowered, salt is involved in raising pressure by tightening arteries, while potassium is part of the relaxation system. That’s why consume enough potassium is vital.

Can I Eat Salty Snack If I Had High Blood Pressure?
Research has found that eating more salt does not necessarily raise the risk of heart disease. There is no significant difference in the risk of heart diasease whether they eat lot or little amount of salt. What did reduce the risk, was the ratio of salt to its balancing mineral potassium. Researchers now believes many of us need to significantly increase our potassium intake to help our arteries. To lower blood pressure and dampen the effects of salt, adults should consume 4.7grams of potassium per day. I recommended consume foods high in potassium include potatoes, sweet potatoes, yoghurt, tuna, lima beans and bananas.

British Medical Journal (BMJ), in 2002, found that cutting back on salt might help those taking medication for high blood pressure, the research showed no clear benefits for everyone doing it. People who consumed less than 6g of salt a day actually had a 'raised' risk of heart disease. Effective or not, cutting back on salt makes up only a small part of the regime recommended for anyone with raised blood pressure.

Eating a healthy amount of potassium in your diet can offset the impact salt has on raising blood pressure. The result is that after six weeks or so, most patients are prescribed drugs to lower their blood pressure.

Threat Hypertension With Drugs?
Are drugs the best way to treat the problem? Professor Oliver was concerned about the side-effects of these drugs that benefit so few. Reduction of mild hypertension can lead to vertigo, particularly in elderly people.

The drugs have a range of other effects. Diuretics, which make you go to the loo more often, reducing the volume of water in the blood and in turn lowering blood pressure, can cause gout.

Calcium channel blockers, which relax the arteries, can bring on headaches, while ACE inhibitors, which work by stopping the blood vessels from narrowing, often cause a nasty cough.

doctors at St Luke's Roosevelt Hospital in New York. found that patients given beta-blockers (atenolol) had more heart attacks and more strokes.

Drugs certainly bring dangerously high blood pressure down, and for those with high blood pressure they are a lifesaver. But do people with only slightly elevated blood pressure really need them? Research shows that 167 patients need to take the drugs for a single person to benefit.

What’s The Secret To Cut Off The High Pressure?
  1. Cut out refined carbohydrates such as white flour and sugar. These foods push up your blood sugar level, and the body stores the extra sugar as fat. Eating carbohydrates that haven't been refined, such as brown rice and wholegrains, smoothes out the sudden spikes and troughs of blood sugar that come with sweets and pastries.
  2. Consume foods high in potassium include potatoes, sweet potatoes, yoghurt, tuna, lima beans and bananas.
  3. Raising your potassium is important, calcium and magnesium also play a role. Calcium tightens the blood vessels, magnesium relaxes them. The recommended daily allowance for magnesium is 300 to 400mg and it is found, together with potassium, in green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds. One of the effects of diuretics can be to flush magnesium and potassium out of the body.
  4. Relaxation techniques, meditation. Anxiety pushes up your blood pressure by raising levels of hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol.
  5. Join the 'laughter yoga' where you laugh for 45 seconds, then perform deep breathing and stretching exercises for 20 minutes lowering blood pressure.

19 April 2009

Dogs Sniff Out Your Early Stage of Cancer

In 2006 the foundation published a study showing it was possible to train dogs to identify, based on breath samples, which patients had lung and breast cancer.

The Pine Street Foundation, a cancer education and research center in San Anselmo, Calif., is hoping one day to train these dogs to sniff out, literally, early-stage ovarian cancer—a disease that kills two-thirds of the 22,000 women diagnosed with it each year, according to the American Cancer Society, because it is often caught only after it has spread beyond the ovaries.

Dogs are helping to answer an important question that may one day lead to earlier detection of diseases like ovarian and pancreatic cancers, which are often caught only in very late stages. So, the question is, Does cancer have a smell?

Cancer Have a Smell?
Is there something about the breath of people with cancer that is different in people who do not have cancer?

What collection of molecules in the breath are unique to ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, and lung cancer, and develop a test to find those? Using animals to detect disease is not new. The African pouced rat has been trained to detect tuberculosis in Petri dishes. By some accounts, they are better and more efficient at spotting the disease in tissue samples than other conventional methods in the developing world.

Diabetes Is Detectable Too
Dogs, which have been used for decades as aides for the blind or hearing impaired and as companions for the infirm, have also taken new roles in alerting epileptics to impending seizures and diabetics to low blood sugar.

The link between a dog’s smell and its ability to detect hypoglycemia is well established. When blood sugar starts to drop, the body starts to kick out chemicals in the breath, sweat. Those chemicals indicate a change. The dogs can pick that up. Low blood sugar has a smell, high blood sugar has a smell even the rapid change in blood sugar has a smell.

In diabetics, the presence of Ketones, a substances produced by the body as it breaks down fat for energy, can be smelled in urine and on the breath when blood sugars are high. Dogs can pick up on other smells that humans can’t when glucose levels drop.

In a case study published in The Irish Journal of Medical Sciences last year, researchers claimed that a family pet had recognized hypoglycemia in an elderly man who had never been diagnosed with diabetes.

Toward The Future
Scientists may be years from identifying the specific biomarkers that distinguish the breath of people with cancer from those without.

It would be great to have a Breathalyzer-type machine that could do this. The goal is to identify what collection of molecules are unique to ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, or lung cancer, and can it be developed a test to find those. That’s because this wouldn’t require just detecting one molecule but a range of molecules. Together, these molecules smell like cancer. When we smell a rose, we’re not smelling individual rose molecules, but our brain puts all the molecules together and says, yes that’s rose.

Dogs can detect scents as small as one part per trillion—or the equivalent of a drop of ink in an Olympic-sized swimming pool. No scent detection device on the planet that can come close to that. So for early detection of such diseases, scientists’ best bet for now has four legs and a tail and may one day be known as the cancer patient’s best friend.

18 April 2009

How Much Sugar Do You Really Eat?

SugarSweet tooth? It could be far sweeter than you think and tooth decay and weight gain aren't the only health problems we risk as a result.
The scary truth is that health experts believe even those of us who don't take sugar in tea or eat lots of sweets may be consuming far more sugar than is healthy.

Over the past 30 years, food manufacturers have doubled the amount of sugar they add to products. Yet most of us are blissfully unaware that we're eating more of the sweet stuff than ever. It's not just our teeth and our weight that are being put at risk by hidden sugars.

The Crunch
They found that obese people dramatically underestimated the amount of sugar they consumed each day. Those who ate the most consumed as much as 207g a day that's nearly 52 spoonfuls and four times the recommended daily limit hidden in everyday foods. The sucrose shown in their urine is mostly found in table sugar, processed foods, cakes, biscuits and soft drinks.

SugarIs Sugar Addicting?
Research has indicated that sugar may be addictive. When researchers at Princeton University, US, fed rats a diet that was high in sugar, they noticed that the rats became anxious when the sugar was removed, and experienced symptoms similar to the withdrawal symptoms of smokers or morphine users - chattering teeth and the shakes, for example.

Diabetes Risk
Eating a lot of sugar can makes you likely to put on weight, and also increase your risk of diabetes. Women who drank one or more sugar-laden drinks a day, having previously consumed one or less a week, almost doubled their risk of Type-2 diabetes compared with those who drank fewer than one sugary drink a week.

SugarIt's thought that a sugary diet increases calorie consumption and weight gain linked to Type-2 diabetes resulting in unhealthy spikes in blood glucose, which can lead to insulin resistance, a condition that often precedes diabetes.

The International Journal of Obesity suggests that consuming lots of high-calorie sugary drinks alongside 'diet' drinks may confuse your body's appetite control centre - and actually lead to overeating.

Cancer Concern
HoneyOne recent major European study found that women with the highest blood sugar levels increased their chance of developing cancers such as those of the pancreas, skin, womb and urinary tract by 26%.

Another new study conducted in Sweden and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that drinking two or more sugary drinks a day can increase your risk of pancreatic cancer by 90%, while people who add sugar to their food and drink at least five times a day are at a 70% increased risk of the disease.

Experts believe that raised blood sugar levels put a strain on your pancreas, which in turn could increase your cancer risk. Research also shows that eating a lot of sugar increases the oxidative stress in your body - the free-radical havoc that damages healthy cells and can lead to premature aging and cancer.

A wealth of research has linked a diet high in starchy foods such as potatoes, rice and white bread with an increased risk of pancreatic cancer. While not sugary foods per se, they are rapidly converted into sugar in your body - which requires excess insulin to help process the sugars in foods.

SugarSo How Much Sugar Do You Have To Eat To Be Eating Too Much?
According to the British Dietetic Association, the recommended intake of 'added sugars' such as honey, fruit juice, jam, soft drinks and those in processed food, as well as the sugar you add to food is 10% of your total daily calorie intake. That's about 50g a day for those on 2,000 calories. For your information, one level teaspoon of sugar weighs 4g and contains 16 calories.

DEFRA estimates that if we were to cut our added sugar intake by 1.75% of energy a day, 3500 premature deaths could be prevented each year.

Avoid Your Sugar Traps
Start to make some sensible swaps to reduce your intake.
  • Nutrition InformationChoose wholegrain cereals or porridge instead of sugar-coated varieties.
  • Swap canned fruit in syrup for those in juice and go for carbonated water with fruit juice added rather than sugary drinks.
  • Fructose (sugar in fruit) doesn't cause the same rapid rise and then drop in blood sugar as sucrose (the sugar found in processed foods). Natural fructose is absorbed slower.
  • Watch out for brown sugar, it may contain slightly higher levels of a few minerals, such as potassium and magnesium.
  • Read labels, forms of sugar in processed foods are also called glucose, dextrose, fructose, invert syrup, corn syrup, raw, brown or demerara sugar, glucose syrup, lactose, maltose, hydrolyzed starch or treacle.
  • You can control your by make predominantly home-cooked diet. Try to prepare meals yourself and don't fall back on processed, packaged foods.

17 April 2009

Mistaking Nail Fixer for Eyedrops : 8 Hours Dreadfully

Most women keep many beauty product and health product in the same place. Probably at the small cabinet in the bathroom or perhaps on the beauty table infront of the mirror.
A women, named Paula Griffin got sudden accident in their own house by her own mistaken. She mistaking eye drops to nail glue. She squirted it in her eye, and guess what happen? The blunder left her in agony and sealed her right eye shut. Relief only came eight hours later when doctors cut off her lashes and prised the eye open.

The glue could have caused permanent damage on her eye. It is used by beauty professionals to fix false nails and carries a warning that it bonds skin within seconds.
She said that she couldn't see very well, and then she stumbled into the bathroom and picked the bottle off the shelf. When it’s squeezed, something was wrong. It was really thick and gloopy, not like eye drops at all. It was agonising. It was burning so much it and natural instinct to shut her eye.

Back to normal? Yes, but with false eye-lashes

But by the afternoon she was still in great pain and the paraffin had made no progress so she went to an eye specialist at Bournemouth Hospital.

The doctors told her that she had three options left :
  1. leave it glued shut until it unglued itself naturally but would certainly cause more damage.
  2. keep trying to treat it with the paraffin
  3. have all my eyelashes cut off to force the eye open.
She had them cut straight off. It was horrible to have no eyelashes, but don't regret doing it. Miss Griffin, from Bournemouth, had to take a week off work and couldn't drive for a few days. She had a cut across her eyeball and now wears false eyelashes. She is still waiting to find out whether she has done any lasting damage.

Dr Simon Bell, consultant in emergency medicine at Poole Hospital, said: As long as the glue remains on the outside of the eye, the injury will be extremely painful but will only cause superficial damage. If it had gone into the middle of the eyeball, it is much more likely permanent damage would have been caused.

You can take a lesson from the story above :
  1. Separate your beauty products and health product whether it’s external medicine or oral medicine. Don’t put them all at the same place.
  2. Watch Carefully the label and the packaging. Don’t mistaking it.
  3. Always call emergency call or go straight the the emergency room if something really bad happen to you. It may be cause fatal damage if you don’t act soon.

16 April 2009

Facial Toner

Ingredients :
Preparation :
  • Add all ingredients to a 8 oz. bottle and shake to mix all ingredients. Be careful when adding the essential oils.
  • The first time you make this recipe, add only 20 drops at a time and test on a small area of your skin to insure no reaction before adding more oils to reach your desired strength.
  • Shake the toner well before each use to disperse the oils.

14 April 2009

6 Secrets To Live Pimple Free

Clear, healthy looking complexion, You want it? We’d all like to have blemish-free skin, and the truth is, with a little commitment we all can. Even you! There are a few people out there who have simply been blessed by the Dermatology Fairy, but just a few. So, how can you change your skin?

No, You don’t have to spend much money fort his, all you need to do is change your habits.

Here’s How You Can Join the Ranks of Pimple Free People
  1. Wash your face using an oil-free cleanser with your bare hands because washcloths and sponges damage your skin. Do it every morning, after exercise and before bed no matter how tired you are.
  2. Launder your sheets frequently. Don’t lay that freshly washed face on a less than fresh pillowcase!
  3. Water is essential to clear skin. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day.
  4. Consume Healthy Foods. They are just as important to skin health as they are to overall health. Fruits and vegetables provide vitamins and minerals, fish are full of essential oils and avoid junk foods. Research does not support the common myth that chocolates cause break-outs.
  5. Sleep when you're tired. Sleep, and its counterpart, relaxation, are necessities, not luxuries. Physical exhaustion and stress are enemies of a clear complexion.
  6. Baby Your Skin. Don't pick at pimples. Avoid touching your face unnecessarily. The oil on your fingertips belongs on your fingertips, not on your face. Moisturize and use sunscreen with at least a 15SPF every day all year long.
Make these habits your own and you will see a difference in as little as a week. You may even find people looking a little longer at your face. Share your secrets with the envious masses.

11 Ways To Have a Good and Slumber Sleep

Do you the problem of lack of sleep? People are unable to rest at night and this can lead to numberless problems, not only in health but in our everyday performances as well. Tired people are more irritable, their capability of focusing is lessened and do their work as a routine, without being able of clear thinking and decision making.

There are several medical and less medical recommendations to help us regaining our strength and concentration through a good sleep.

1. The atmosphere of the room
Bed RoomIt is recommended not to have any electric equipment in the bedroom. Even the TV should be placed in the living room and not in the bedroom. Temperature is other factor, keep it don’t be too warm or too cold, you can not have a deep rest. It is recommended to keep the temperature between 60-65 degrees. Darkness and silence are also welcome in the bedroom. The most important is to create a relaxing atmosphere, where you feel comfortable and safe.

2. Drinks
BeveragesThere are several drinks for energizing and stimulating. One of these ingredients is caffeine that stimulates the human mind and thus prevents us from falling asleep. Another ingredient is alcohol. Although its first effect upon the human body and brain is to make us sleepy, during the night its impact will be exactly the opposite. While we are asleep, our organs work hard to digest all the food we introduced. The hardest work remains for the liver that has to purify our blood. The harder the liver must work the less deep we can sleep.The third stimulant that prevents our good night sleep is the nicotine. It is advised to avoid at least a smoke before going to bed, but of course it would be the best and the healthiest to quit smoking for good.

Exercise3. Physical exercises
It is vital to be physically tired. It would be enough to walk every day about twenty minutes, to your office or back home, to the shop, or anywhere. Just to take some fresh air. If this can not be fulfilled, you should try to make several easy exercises in your home in the afternoon, or in the evening but not too near to bedtime. Try walking the stairs instead of taking the lift.

Alarm4. Routine
It is thought that people who follow a daily routine, at least in the timing of going to bed and waking up, have less difficulties with falling asleep. It is known that people generally need seven to nine hours to sleep. You have to know the amount of time you need to be rested and make a special program and try to stick to that.

Bed5. The role of the bed
It is not advised to watch TV from the bed, neither to read in the bed. People should quit all their activities with at least 30 minutes before going to bed. The human body needs these thirty minutes to get in the mood of sleeping. If you give it this preparatory time, you will experience a deeper and more resting sleep.

Tea6. Calming drinks
There are two kinds of drinks that usually help before sleeping. One of them is a glass of warm milk that contains calcium which is known for its calming effect. If it does not work for you, try a cup of herbal tea. There are several types that stimulate the brain, but for example the chamomile, anise or lavender teas help you relax.

7. Relaxations
MassagesThere are several practices to get yourself relaxed, it only takes some time before going to bed. One good example or tip is to take a warm but not too hot bath in the evening. The warm water relaxes all the muscles and clears the brain. A massage or any relaxing activity can be helpful. You can have a nice long conversation with someone dear-not through the internet, but personally. Slow, soothing music can also help forgetting stress. Scents can also relax your body and mind as well. If you practice some kind of meditation, it is welcome to be done before going to bed. It also helps you relax your muscles and your mind.

Hair Comb8. Predefined activities
It does not really matter what actions it would imply. It can be something very simple such as comb your hair, wash your teeth. If you keep this kind of ritual for long enough even the first action of the ritual will remind you of going to bed and sleeping.

Sleep9. No sleeping during the day
If you wish to sleep really deeply during the night, you have to resist the temptation of a little nap after lunch for example. You have to be tired in order to be able to sleep well. Of course sometimes a little nap can be benefic but you have to be careful, not to take too long naps during the day.

No Eating10. No eating before sleeping
You should not eat too much before going to sleep. It is quite the same as with the alcohol. Your organism will have to work hard to digest all you ate, so you won’t be able to rest either. Of course there is one more aspect, that of foods containing stimulants. There are foods that may have similar effect before sleeping to drinking a cup of coffee before going to bed.

Headache11. Health problems
There are physical disorders, illnesses that may cause insomnia, although usually it is generated by stress, unhealthy way of living and the lack of a program to stick to. If no tricks and tips can help you, maybe you should try some sleeping pills and the most important, try to find the real cause of your insomnia.