06 March 2009

With all information in your head, you may think you’re right with all treatment you’ve been done to your self. But actually, there are several things you do which is wrong and you’re not even realized it. Here are few mistakes, and make sure after you know it, don’t do the same mistake again.

Monotonous Hair Cut
Over the years, you’ve been faithful with your straight straggling long hair. Well, don’t do this, you should try to reshape and remodel your hair, little curly maybe or follow the hair trend for this year. This will make your face different, looks more fresh and trendy.

Lack of Sleep
Spent the night for work after time or watching movie until midnight, may be that was part of your daily activity. But, don’t you know that get enough sleep at night is very important for your health? At 11 pm until 5 am, your organ is working to repair the cell damage, give it nutrition and decrease the toxin inside it naturally. That’s why, "night person has less lifespan than the morning person".

Too Much Avoid Fat
Not only fat, everything that “too much” is not good. Fat is good for your health if the amount is appropriate with your needs. Choose unsaturated oil (vegetable oil) coz it digestible by blood. Lack of fat can make your skin dry, scaly and make your hair branching.

Forget To Exercise
"My body is slim, I don’t need exercise". That’s totally wrong! Exercise is not only for fat and obese people, thin people also need exercise to smoothen blood stream through the whole body so your skin looks more beam and nutrients can be absorbed maximally.

Left Out Consideration of The Make Up Tools
Pay attention, how many years you’re not clean your make-up tools? No wonder if many germ and microbe growth in there and for the consequences your face will be dirty and emerge so many acnes. Of course you don’t want his happen, so clean your make-up tool with lukewarm water now! Do it once a week.

Wrong Cosmetic, Wrong Application
There’s a way to apply cosmetic. Start from now, don’t ever apply cosmetic by hand directly. You can use make-up brush or cotton buds. But, if you have to use your hand, don’t put the remain cosmetic back inside the package. For example, when you apply foundation or moisturizer, erase the remain cosmetic with tissue and then clean your hand with water and soap. Don’t forget to watch the cosmetic expired date. Don’t use if the color, texture and the smell is changed.

Take a Bath With Warm Water
In rainy season, it’s so good take a bath in warm water. You can stay in there for a long time. Be careful coz merged in warm water can make your skin dry. Limit the time to merge only for 3 minutes. After that, apply body lotion which is rich of moisturizer agent to prevent your skin dry.

Spray Perfume On Wrist
Most women miss perception think that perfume sprayed on wrist will be long lasting. If you want to know whether it’s irritating or not, wrist is the perfect place to try on. But if you want the perfume stay for a long time, wrist is not the perfect place. Usually, this area is the place for you to put on accessories such as bracelet or watch. The perfume you sprayed will be at one with the smell of the accessories. Better if you spray it on the neck, it because the warmth of this area will help the perfume fragrance to spread out.


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