25 March 2009

There is no woman is this world want to get breast cancer. This deadly disease should be a threat for all women. Last research shows, there are several foods which can help you to prevent and reduce the risk to get breast cancer.

You can consume whole grain (cereal) with a glass of milk every morning. In each half glass of grain is equivalent to 10 gram of fiber needs which is very useful to reduce the estrogen level inside the body. Many opinions said that high level of estrogen can stimulate the breast cancer cell growth.

Research in USA founded that women who live near the river and always consume tuna and salmon every day, have a very small risk to have breast cancer. It was expected because omega-3 contained inside the salmon and tuna can help to prevent breast cancer.

Women who never consume carrots and spinach have risk to get breast cancer twice higher than them whom often consume those two vegetables. A research which use yoghurt as media in an experimentation test, showed yoghurt also can slowing down the breast cancer cell growth.

A substance inside pure soy milk also can reduce the risk to get breast cancer almost 28% higher than soybean in process products.

Consume orange juice also can slowing down the growth of breast cancer almost 50%. But, that statement still need more research to prove it.

So, if you really intent to prevent breast cancer, you should try to consume all those healthy food so you’ll not afraid to get that cancer.


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