26 March 2009

Are you too really wants to know about how to lose belly fat in 30 days? Well, let’s start first with an explanation. You have to take it seriously because many of the major diseases such as diabetes, stress, heart trouble, etc are all related to belly fat. It’s nice to have a flat belly but all the fat keeps up depositing in your belly region. It’s challenging but with hard work and strong intend, you’ll get it.

How to lose belly fat? That was the most common question about weight loss, right? Many of them apply the wrong methods in doing so, they rather starving their body. This is completely a wrong approach as sufficient exercise with diet is going to help you more. Instead you can have 3-4 small meals everyday with a proper balance of workout routine. Drink plenty of water after heavy exercises and avoid drinking juice that has sugar or chocolate flavors.

You have to make efforts to bring in results. You have to be smart to plan your diet. Only eat healthy diet that includes fresh fruits, green vegetables, whole grains, eggs without yolk. Select food that is high in protein, low in carbohydrates, sugar, and saturated fats.

The most reliable answer to how to lose belly fat is circuit training. What is circuit training? Circuit training is :
  • The full body workout, if you’re serious of losing belly fat in 30 days.
  • Circuit training can help you a lot in process of losing belly fat but at the same time will help you gain muscles.
  • Type of workout that involves strength exercises with aerobics and as the name suggests you have to alter the workout sessions with minimum of rest in between.
It’s wise to take help of professional trainer to plan your circuit session for quick results.
Belly fat will start to reduce after a certain amount of time, it’s important guys. The fat in your overall body first starts to come off and your belly portion will be the last target. It’s natural, so just don’t panic for first few days and if at all you’re losing body fat from rest of your body it’s a good sign.

The bottom line is proper diet with regular exercises will certainly do the trick. Of course your will power has to be strong as you need to stay consistent with your daily routine. The fat that you have earned is not going to disappear in few minutes or few days.


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