04 March 2009

May be you only knew grape as one of dessert fruit or as raw material for wine. Actually it’s more than that, beside the sweet taste, grape also have high nature antioxidant which help to protect skin from free radical.

Grapeseed extract contains a lot of bioflavonoid; a natural substance to protect and support living cells in human body. Grapeseed extract’s active ingredients is OPC (Olygomer Procyanidolic Complex), 50 times stronger than Vitamin E and 20 times stronger than Vitamin C. Because of its high bioflavonoid content, grapeseed extract is effective as antiallergy, antiinflammation and antioxidant.

If it consumed by oral (as suplement), grapeseed extract can strength blood vessel, help to smooth the blood circulation, and keep the skin healthy by its antioxidant activity. In Europe, doctors have already prescript grapeseed extract to prevent and treat many diseases such as hearth disease, varicose veins, collagen damage and arthritis.

When man age getting on, human body capability to fight against free radical decrease, especially with erratically lifestyle and diet, dirty air and pollutions. Those all can make your body attacked by free radical almost in everywhere you go. The bioflavonoid content in grapeseed extract, also called proantocyanidin, can strength and protect cell membrane against oxidation reaction.

Free radical is reactive chemical substance which has potency to break down DNA. Free radical can change “docility” of human cell become tumor or even cancer. Free radical has negative effect to human immune system and caused early aging.

Antioxidant is a kind of substance which can prevent free radical get inside your body (free radical reaction in human cell is an oxidation reaction, and antioxidant works by prevent those reaction to be happen). So, if you want to keep your body and skin healthy, start to consume grapeseed extract.

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