06 March 2009

Fresh MouthParsley or Petroselinumm crispum is not only for seasoning or food decoration but also as a herb which well known since centuries ago for medication. Parsley can absorb the wine steam and prevent you to drunk.

Herb expert or pharmacologist uses this herb to treat kidney and gastric disorder, bite insect and infection. As the story goes, parsley came from South Europe or East Mediterranean and this plant was growth only in palace or monastery garden.

But now, parsley has been cultivated, Root Parsley (var. tuberosum) and Soft Parsley. The second type can be eaten so it can be used as ingredient to give aroma in your cooking. The cultivated parsley is used for its leaves, usually for food decoration. The shape is small and the texture is hard as wood.

For hundreds years, this herb has already been used as traditional medicine to treat hypertension, dismenorrhae, enuresis, kidneystone, gallstone, sciatica, glandular inflammation and fresh the respiration.

Parsley was high content for vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin A and C and other components which used to clean toxin inside your body, such as chlorophyll. Parsley also used to treat digestion disorders such as puffed up, water retention, gastric and intestinal disorder, alleviate the pain of rheumatic and gout.

Eat ParsleyThe high content of vitamin C, amino acid, Potassium and folic acid in parsley explained why this herb is good for hearth, digestion, hypertension and inflammation. Parsley also contain anti histamine and antioxidant which help to cope with inflammation.

Parsley also known can stimulate the uterus contraction so it’s advisable for pregnant woman and breastfeeding not to consume it. Parsley also can irritate kidney tissue, that’s why it’s not advisable for them who had kidney infection or other kidney disorder. Don’t consume parsley too much because the oil is toxic and can cause you poisoned

We only get its maximum effect of parsley by keep it fresh. Wrap with wet paper napkin before keep in refrigerator. Don’t cook it too long so the taste and the vitamins not disappear. Put inside the parsley when the cooking is almost done.

Better if you use the fresh parsley rather than the dried one because the dried parsley is not good for your health. You can freeze parsley if you wan to keep it for a long time. Wash it clean, slice it and then keep it inside the refrigerator. Good Luck.


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