31 March 2009

  1. Celebrity-endorsed diets. Stars like Jessica Simpson and Eva Mendes swear by Harley Pasternak’s 5-Factor plan.
  2. Portion control. 100-calorie pack. Isn’t hard? You have to be loyal for this food. Don’t be attempted to other snack and appetite food.
  3. Organic diets. Some people believe that organic foods, without the preservatives and additives of their nonorganic counterparts, may help the body’s digestive system run more smoothly. One thing for sure, chemical substance definietly can alleviate your health. Eventhough, you’re not in diet programme, get used to eat organic food from now.
  4. Diet delivery. Services like Chefs Diet and NutriSystem deliver either fresh or frozen prepackaged meals right to your door. You don’t have to be confuse counting calorie for your food and cook it. Just call the service, those foods came in front of your door. Click Diet Delivery service for more information.
  5. Sweet and savory diets : Think Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet (which originally began in 1975) Jennifer Hudson is reportedly a cookie-diet fan or the eat-croissants for breakfast and veggies for lunch philosophy of “French Women Don’t Get Fat.”
So, which diet you followed?


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