22 March 2009

Our life applied “savings law”. What we do become savings in the future. What we save little by little now, will be feel the result in the next future. So does disease. Start form a glass of your favorite drink until watching TV till night. Who ever guess those habits can raise up the risk of Diabetes?

1. Sweet Tea
Sweet TeaHigh intake of sugar cause glucose in blood level raise up drastically, not yet for the risk of excess calories. A glass of sweet tea contain 250-300 calories (depends of its thickness/concentration). Woman requirement of adult woman is about 1900 calories a day (depends on her activities). From sweet tea it self, she already got 1000-1200 calories, not yet if you eat three times meal with all protein, fat and carbohydrate. We should presumable if we always get excess calories. So, it end up into obesity and diabetes.

Substitute : Water, no sugar tea, or limit the consumption of sugar not more than 2 sp a day.

2. Fried Food
Fried FoodHamburger, fried potato, fried banana and other fried food are not enough we consume only one piece. Whereas fried food is one of high risk factor that stimulate degenerative disease, such as cardiovascular, diabetes mellitus, and stroke. The main cause of cardiovascular disease is embolism, with one of the main risk factor is dislipidemia. Dislipidemia is lipid metabolism disorder, with symptoms : increasing total cholesterol level, LDL (“bad cholesterol”) and triglyceride, and derivation of HDL level (“good cholesterol”) in blood. Dislipidemia case in society getting more and more. This all caused by the habit of consume low and high fat food, including fried food.

Substitute : Japan peanut (Sunflower peanuts), fruit pie.

3. Snack Lover
SnackMay be you and many other people think that limit lunch and dinner can avoid you from obesity and diabetes. Because you’re not full yet, you eat snacks like biscuit and potato chip, whereas biscuit, potato chip, and other sweet cakes contain high coke hydrate. All those foods were categorized as high glycemic index food. Mean while, sugar and flour which is contained inside it, can increase the amount of glucose level in blood.

Substitute : fresh fruit

Lack of Sleep4. Lack Of Sleep
if you don’t have high quality of sleep, your metabolism will be disturbed. Researchers from University of Chicago said, lack of sleep for 3 days cause the body’s ability to processing glucose descent drastically. It means, diabetes risk raise up as well. Lack of sleep also stimulate a hormone in blood which stimulate appetite. Feel of hungry people who have problem with insomnia will eat high calorie food which make the glucose level in blood raise up.

Solution : Sleep not less than 6 haours a day, better if you sleep 8 hours a day.

5. Lazy To Do Physical Activity
Bike RidingWorld Health Organization (WHO) said diabetes cases in Asia countries raise up until 90% in the next 20 years. "10 years lately, the amount of people who had diabetes in Hanoi, Vietnam, raise almost twice times. What is the cause? In this city, people rather use motor than bicycle," said Dr. Gauden Galea, WHO consultant for uncontagion disease in West Pacific Region. So, for them who had less physical activity has lower obesity risk than they who always ride bicycle, by foot, or other activities.

Solution : bike to office

6. Often Get Stress
StressStress is just like flood, should be drained out so the flood not get bigger. When stress comes, body will increase the production of epinephrine hormone and cortisole, it use to raise up blood sugar and energy reserve to activities. Our body is designed in such a manner for good reason. But, if the sugar blood stimulates endless because you get stress and don’t have a solve, it same like suicide slowly.

Solution : Talk with someone, or share with other people about your problems.

7. Smoke Addicted
SmokingA research in USA, involve 4,572 men and women volunteer, found that the risk of diabetes for smokers increase until 22%. It also said that the increase of the risk is not only caused by the smoke, but also combination of unhealthy life styles like unbalance diet and exercise.

Substitute : Free sugar candy, follow hypnotherapy. Choose hypnotherapists who already well grounded and legal certificated.

8. Contraception Pill
Contraception PillMost of contraception pills were made from combination of estrogen progestin hormone, or only progestin. The combination pills often cause the alteration of blood sugar level. The mechanism of pill contraception hormone is contradictive with insulin. Because insulin is blocked, pancreas is pushed to work harder to produce insulin. If it’s left to long, pancreas will exhausted and not run well.

Solution : Limit the use of hormonal pills, don’t more than 5 years.

Sun Tanning9. Afraid Your Skin Gets Dark
According to Diabetes Care journal, woman with high intake of vitamin D and calcium had lower risk to get diabetes type 2. Besides foods, best sources of vitamin D is the sunlight. 20 minutes exposure to morning sunlight is enough to full fill the requirement of vitamin D for 3 days. New research show, on is American Journal of Epidemiology published, said that vitamin D also help to manage your metabolism, including sugar blood.

Solution : Apply sunscreen before expose under the sun.

Soda Drinks10. Possessed With Soda
The Nurses' Health Study II, against 51,603 women with 22-44 years old, found that consumption of soda drink make your weight and diabetes risk raise up. Researchers said, increment of that risk happen because the content of sweetener. Besides, liquid calorie intake can not make you full so you’re automatically push to drink more.

Substitute : Free sugar juice.


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