31 March 2009

5 Most Popular Diet Today

  1. Celebrity-endorsed diets. Stars like Jessica Simpson and Eva Mendes swear by Harley Pasternak’s 5-Factor plan.
  2. Portion control. 100-calorie pack. Isn’t hard? You have to be loyal for this food. Don’t be attempted to other snack and appetite food.
  3. Organic diets. Some people believe that organic foods, without the preservatives and additives of their nonorganic counterparts, may help the body’s digestive system run more smoothly. One thing for sure, chemical substance definietly can alleviate your health. Eventhough, you’re not in diet programme, get used to eat organic food from now.
  4. Diet delivery. Services like Chefs Diet and NutriSystem deliver either fresh or frozen prepackaged meals right to your door. You don’t have to be confuse counting calorie for your food and cook it. Just call the service, those foods came in front of your door. Click Diet Delivery service for more information.
  5. Sweet and savory diets : Think Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet (which originally began in 1975) Jennifer Hudson is reportedly a cookie-diet fan or the eat-croissants for breakfast and veggies for lunch philosophy of “French Women Don’t Get Fat.”
So, which diet you followed?

3 Ways To Make Healthy Experience of Eating

It’s important to keep your guard up when dining out. Here are three tips that will help you cut out some of the most glaring diet offenders

1. Keep it simple
The simpler your order is, the less likely it is to harbor hidden fats and calories. A “plain jane” order of grilled, roasted, steamed, poached or broiled protein (fish, seafood, skinless poultry, lean meat or tofu) with a side salad or steamed veggies and a plain baked potato is the way to go if you’re aiming to keep your calories in check, particularly if you eat out several times a week.

Be selective about where on your plate you’re going to splurge, and try your best to cut back on the rest of the meal. If you love mashed potatoes with gravy, consider rounding out the meal with an order of grilled fish or chicken and a side of veggies to keep total calories down. Make some calorie-conscious choices to offset your treats.

2. Make special requests
If you’re watching your waistline, you’ll likely need to tweak certain menu items to make them fit within your calorie budget.
  • Beware of buttered bread. Buttering toasted bread and buns for sandwiches, melts and burgers is the default preparation style in many restaurants. You can save yourself 100 calories or more by asking your server to make sure your bread is served dry, without added butter or oil.
  • Swap out your sides. Starchy sides with added fat like mashed potatoes, loaded rice and pasta, french fries and breaded onion rings add a lot of calories to your plate. Order a favorite food, but swap out the starchy side for vegetables. Steamed veggies without added butter or oil are best, but even veggies sautéed in oil have high-calorie starches and fried sides beat by a mile.
  • Control your own condiments. Most kitchen staffers have a heavy hand when it comes to adding sauces, salad dressings and condiments like mayo and ketchup to your plate. Instead of asking your server to go “light” on the toppings and condiments, ask for everything on the side. Then you’re in total control of how much gets added. Use 1-2 teaspoons of mayo on your sandwich instead of gobs, or 1-2 tablespoons of dressing on your greens instead of ladlefuls.
3. Eliminate the extras
You may not realized those food, whether it’s an appetite, main course or even desert can give you extra calorie.
  • The pre-meal, bread basket. You can have bread and butter any day of the week, so why waste precious calories on this everyday staple? You can easily chomp through 500 calories of refined starch, by mindlessly munching on biscuits, breadsticks or tortilla chips while wait your main course come. To prevent it, ask your waiter not to bring the basket to the table in the first place.
  • Don’t drink your calories. Regular sodas, shakes and fruity cocktails can give extra calorie when you’re eating at a restaurant. It’s easy to down your first drink while waiting for your food to arrive, and you’re likely to sip through at least one or two refills while eating. Plus, restaurant meals are notoriously high in salt, meaning you’ll probably be extra thirsty. Start it from now : Drink only water, black coffee or tea, sugar free.
  • Dessert : Think twice about splurging on sweets. Adding on dessert can really put your meal over the top. Cheesecake or a brownie fudge sundae can easily add 1,000 calories more. When you do decide to indulge, share one dessert with the entire table, and enjoy a few bites rather than the whole portion or go for something lighter, like fresh berries with whipped cream, a skim latte or gourmet flavored tea.

Add Soy To Your Child’s Diet Lower The Breast Cancer Risk

1 out of every 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer at some time during life affecting a total of about 12%. Breast cancer is around 100 times more common among women than men. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women. About 3% of all women diagnosed with the disease will lose the battle for their lives. This translates to approximately one out of every 35 of those who develop breast cancer.

A recent study conducted by the U.S. National Cancer Institute has found that Asian-American women whose diets included large amounts of soy during childhood may have a reduced risk for breast cancer. The analysis included women living in California and Hawaii who were of Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino descent.

Historically, breast cancer incidence rates have been four to seven times higher among white women in the U.S. than in women in China or Japan. However, when Asian women migrate to the U.S., their breast cancer risk rises over several generations and reaches that of U.S. white women, suggesting that modifiable factors, rather than genetics, are responsible for the international differences. Environment and/or lifestyle factors involve remain elusive.

The researchers interviews 597 Asian-American women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer as well as with 966 healthy women. The mothers of these were also asked about the childhood soy consumption of their daughters whenever possible. The results showed that the ingestion of high amounts of soy during childhood (once or more weekly) was linked to a 58% decreased risk of breast cancer, while having a high soy consumption during adolescence and adulthood was found to be associated with a 20 to 25% risk reduction. Since the effects of childhood soy intake could not be explained by measures other than Asian lifestyle during childhood or adult life, early soy intake might itself be protective.

Breast cancer protection may be offered by isoflavones (estrogen-like soy compounds) block the action of estrogen and promote the destruction of abnormal cells as well as reduce inflammation in the body.

It is estimated that 5 to 10% of breast cancer cases result from inheriting gene changes, called mutations, from a parent. Family history is another important factor to be considered as 20 to 30% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have a family member who has also been diagnosed with the disease. Other factors that increase the risk for the occurrence of breast cancer include the use of alcohol and tobacco as well as obesity and lack of exercise. In addition, the risk for breast cancer increases with age with about 1 out of 8 invasive breast cancers developing in women under the age of 45, while about 2 out of 3 invasive breast cancers occur in women ages 55 and older.

Although there are no known means of that assure the prevention of breast cancer, the risk for the disease can be diminished by avoiding the use of tobacco, limiting the use of alcohol, exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy body weight. Avoiding the use of post-menopausal hormone therapy when it is not necessary may be beneficial and women who choose to breast-feed for several months could also reduce their breast cancer risk.

Ease Coughs Throughout The Day

Essential oils :
2 drops Eucalyptus
2 drops Lavender

Preparation :
Add 2 drops eucalyptus and 2 drops lavender to 4 teaspoons of our massage base oil and apply to the throat and chest (this will make enough for several applications).

30 March 2009

Combat Colds And Flu - Daytime

Essential oils :
2 drops Eucalyptus
2 drops Lavender
2 drops Peppermint
2 drops Tea Tree

Preparation :
Add 2 drops eucalyptus, 2 drops lavender, 2 drops peppermint and 2 drops tea tree to a steaming bowl of water - let stand so that the steam diffuses into the room (or add same essential oils to a tea candle diffuser).

Is That True Tofu Can Increase The Memory Loss

Most of Chinese and Japanese food serve tofu in their menu. Tofu is very famous and delicious. It is made from curdled soybean, a soft cheese-like food which is extremely a versatile kind of food due to its low-calorie, high-protein, cholesterol-free content. It is creamy white with a sliceable firmness.

But even though this food is naturally known as an excellent protein source, some experts say that this delicious soy product might be risky for your memory. Their studies have shown that more than 700 elderly Indonesians, particularly at the age of 68 and beyond, found that high tofu consumption once a day was associated with worse memory. Tofu itself contains phytoestrogens, which may heighten the risk of dementia.

On the other hand, it is good news that “tempeh” is here to save us from worries. Research also shows that tempeh, which is a fermented soy product made from the whole soy bean, provides substances that is associated with better memory. This is due to the high levels of the vitamin folate present in each of these fermented soy products. Folate is generally known as a great substance to reduce the risk of dementia.

Say No To Stress! Get Thin With That

One the biggest factor for weight gain cause is STRESS! Many things can make you stress kids, traffic, gas prices, and work add up to a prescription for headaches and grinding teeth.

How Stress Makes You Fat?
When you’re stress, your body’s adrenal glands create more of the hormone cortisol than is normally needed. Too much cortisol can make you depressed, which can trigger comfort food binges. Cortisol also stimulates your appetite for fat and sugar and tells your body to store fat around your stomach. All of this combined is a recipe for weight loss disaster.

So, How to Reduce Stress?
Stress may seem impossible to get rid of, but there are some things that you can do to reduce the stress in your life, making it easier to lose fat fast :
  1. Exercise releases hormones that can naturally calm you. It is a dual edged sword that helps you lose weight by burning calories and de-stressing you.
  2. Take five minutes to think about your day before bed. Then, imagine locking the thoughts behind a door and go to sleep.
  3. Try getting a relaxing massage once a week. If you are strapped for cash, find a family member that gives great massages.
  4. Use aromatherapy to fight stress. Use lavender candles around the house and office to lessen headaches and frazzled nerves.
  5. Once your stress is lowered, you will find that it is easier to lose weight and not worrying about your weight is one less thing to be stressed about.

28 March 2009

Overweight Complications Effect For Human Body

A big problem with people who are too heavy is that of developing diabetes as an adult. The amount of people who suffering from diabetes are increase every years and they have to cope with all the health issues.

Diabetes can give many others complication disease such as blind, kidney disease, and you have 4 times more likely to get heart disease or have a stroke if you get diabetes and it isn't appealing. Problems with getting an erection are also associated with being overweight. High blood pressure and high blood cholesterol are also prevalent with people who are too heavy.

Even a small reduction in body fat can have quite a substantial effect on your overall health quality. And you can severely reduce the chance of health issues further down the line.

Being overweight can also cause you to snore as when you are lying horizontal fatty tissue in the throat can obstruct your breathing. Thus you don't sleep as well and the next day your energy is at a lower level. Just a little loss of fat considerably lowers snoring leading to quality sleep and thus more energy.

A risk with being tired is that you eat too much while attempting to boost their energy. This only compounds your weight problems so as you realize all these little steps help each other to help refine your overall health and well-being.
Looking good shouldn't be the single consideration when trying to exercise to lose fat. It should just be an added extra of actually being healthier. You can become beautiful by putting on make-up or having surgery.

Combat Colds And Flu - Nighttime

Essential oils :
2 drops Lavender
2 drops Tea Tree

Preparations :
Add 2 drops lavender and 2 drops tea tree to a steaming bowl of water - let stand so that the steam diffuses into the room (or add same essential oils to a tea candle diffuser).

27 March 2009


Essential oils :
2 drops lavender
2 drops rosemary
2 drops eucalyptus

Preparation :
  1. Add 2 drops lavender, 2 drops rosemary and 2 drops eucalyptus to 2 teaspoons milk or cream.
  2. Pour into a warm bath, stir water and soak.
  1. Mix 2 drops lavender, 2 drops eucalyptus and 2 drops tea tree oil.
  2. Place in a diffuser and diffuse into your room.

26 March 2009

Chest And Sinus Congestion

Essential Oils :Preparation :
  1. Boil a pot of water and remove from the stove.
  2. While still steaming, add 2 drops eucalyptus, 2 drops lavender and 2 drops tea tree.
  3. Cover bowl and head with towel and inhale for at least 3 minutes.

How To Lose Belly Fat In 30 Days?

Are you too really wants to know about how to lose belly fat in 30 days? Well, let’s start first with an explanation. You have to take it seriously because many of the major diseases such as diabetes, stress, heart trouble, etc are all related to belly fat. It’s nice to have a flat belly but all the fat keeps up depositing in your belly region. It’s challenging but with hard work and strong intend, you’ll get it.

How to lose belly fat? That was the most common question about weight loss, right? Many of them apply the wrong methods in doing so, they rather starving their body. This is completely a wrong approach as sufficient exercise with diet is going to help you more. Instead you can have 3-4 small meals everyday with a proper balance of workout routine. Drink plenty of water after heavy exercises and avoid drinking juice that has sugar or chocolate flavors.

You have to make efforts to bring in results. You have to be smart to plan your diet. Only eat healthy diet that includes fresh fruits, green vegetables, whole grains, eggs without yolk. Select food that is high in protein, low in carbohydrates, sugar, and saturated fats.

The most reliable answer to how to lose belly fat is circuit training. What is circuit training? Circuit training is :
  • The full body workout, if you’re serious of losing belly fat in 30 days.
  • Circuit training can help you a lot in process of losing belly fat but at the same time will help you gain muscles.
  • Type of workout that involves strength exercises with aerobics and as the name suggests you have to alter the workout sessions with minimum of rest in between.
It’s wise to take help of professional trainer to plan your circuit session for quick results.
Belly fat will start to reduce after a certain amount of time, it’s important guys. The fat in your overall body first starts to come off and your belly portion will be the last target. It’s natural, so just don’t panic for first few days and if at all you’re losing body fat from rest of your body it’s a good sign.

The bottom line is proper diet with regular exercises will certainly do the trick. Of course your will power has to be strong as you need to stay consistent with your daily routine. The fat that you have earned is not going to disappear in few minutes or few days.

25 March 2009

Losing Weight Fast : Counterproductive !!

If you follow simple fast fat weight loss tips, you can easily lose extra weight and maintain your weight. If you are worried about any weight you may have gained and want to get rid of it quickly, and you resolve to any rigorous method to achieve fast fat weight loss. It may well be that you are not happy with the results. Although it is not difficult to lose weight fast, if you try to do so too fast, you can land up in more trouble than you bargained for.

Carbohydrate Diet Plan Tips
There are many low carbohydrate diet plans which are very popular and quite effective as well, Atkins diet for example, but they do not necessarily help you stay healthy. This is because if weight loss is too fast, it can be regained equally fast. Better if you eat foods which are slow carbohydrates rather than low carbohydrates so that your blood sugar does not get overly affected and your weight loss is slow and steady.

It is important to keep your blood sugar level stable and one of fast loss weight tips is to eat beans or legumes at each meal. This will fill you up and provide a good combination of proteins and carbohydrates as well. Beans can be had cooked into dishes or even mixed with your salads. If you are full and satiated, you will more easily resist the temptation to eat unnecessarily in between meals.

You can also succeed with fast fat loss weight if you stick to a lifestyle that promotes better health and rather than gorging yourself with sugary foods and also fast foods, you would be better off consuming a diet that is balanced and which is low on the glycemic index and also helps to lead a less stressful life and at the same time achieve desired results.

It is vital to eat foods which are low in the glycemic index so that the sugar is released slowly into the blood stream. Foods which are low in the glycemic index are also usually in low calories. If you want to lose weight fast, you need to avoid high fat and high sugar foods and also foods which refined, fast foods and ready to eat foods. It is much better to eat a balanced diet, eat the right foods and eat enough. All these foods will stop you from feeling that you are on a diet, you can eat right and stay health and also achieve reasonably fast fat weight loss.

Most people, however, look for quick fix solutions and this leads them to try out fad diets which will no doubt help in fast weight loss, but are neither good for health nor are diets you can stay on for a long time.

A diet that you can follow is the Complete Idiot’s Diet which is targeted to people who want to lose weight effectively. This diet results in fast fat weight loss and this diet is one which can be tailored to your needs, because there is an online diet generator which will give a different diet for each person.

Management Handling For Your Breast

There is no woman is this world want to get breast cancer. This deadly disease should be a threat for all women. Last research shows, there are several foods which can help you to prevent and reduce the risk to get breast cancer.

You can consume whole grain (cereal) with a glass of milk every morning. In each half glass of grain is equivalent to 10 gram of fiber needs which is very useful to reduce the estrogen level inside the body. Many opinions said that high level of estrogen can stimulate the breast cancer cell growth.

Research in USA founded that women who live near the river and always consume tuna and salmon every day, have a very small risk to have breast cancer. It was expected because omega-3 contained inside the salmon and tuna can help to prevent breast cancer.

Women who never consume carrots and spinach have risk to get breast cancer twice higher than them whom often consume those two vegetables. A research which use yoghurt as media in an experimentation test, showed yoghurt also can slowing down the breast cancer cell growth.

A substance inside pure soy milk also can reduce the risk to get breast cancer almost 28% higher than soybean in process products.

Consume orange juice also can slowing down the growth of breast cancer almost 50%. But, that statement still need more research to prove it.

So, if you really intent to prevent breast cancer, you should try to consume all those healthy food so you’ll not afraid to get that cancer.

Boost Bomb Your Metabolism, You’ll Get the Dream Slim

One way, which is natural way to lose your weight is boost your metabolism. Well, it’s true that a high level of metabolism enables your body to burn fat and lose weight faster. So what can we do to kick our metabolism up a notch?
  1. Eat breakfast. People who eat breakfast are generally thinner than those who don’t. As the matter a fact, metabolism of the body is slowing down if you’re not eat.
  2. Exercise. Muscle plays a hand in our body’s ability to lose fat. Weight training is excellent and should be done at least three times a week and increase the extent of the workouts steadily.
  3. Spicy Foods. They can increase your metabolism and right up your alley.
  4. No sugar. Sugar is a big enemy. It actually enables the body to store fat. You should stay away form sugar.
  5. Don’t Lack of Sleep. Try to aim for 7 to 8 hours rest a night.
  6. Smaller meals. Eat small portions throughout the day.
  7. Drink more water. Water acts as a ‘natural flusher’ by carrying away toxins produced when your body burns fat. Lack of water slows the body’s functions.
  8. Eat regularly. Skip your meals is slowing down metabolism and when you stomach feel very hungry, you’ll be eat more portion than normal portion.
  9. Release your stress. Stress can release a steroid in your system called cortisole, and that decreases metabolism. Stress also make you overeat.
  10. Get fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains into your diet. They’re great energy foods.
Stabilizing your metabolism will go a long way toward letting you reach your ideal body weight. Eat right, get enough rest and exercise and you’re on your way to a healthy metabolism and a healthy body.

23 March 2009

How To Weigh In With Lower Fat? Herbalife?

There is a myth said that the concept of genes compelling you to be heavy. Well, that’s totally wrong. Genetics does play a role in obesity, but not as big a role as you do. Most For the vast majority of us, genes may set the lower limits of our weight, but we set the upper limits by our food choices.

Most of us tend to put on weight as we age and if there is one thing we cannot prevent, it is the aging process. But we can prevent eating more and exercising less as we get older. And first of all, you have to have surgeries for food control in your life, strategies that work.

One of the famous way to loss weight and almost all overweightwoman do is by take some weight loss medications, whether it’s weight loss pills or herbal medicines. One of the fast-growing herbal medicines especially formulated to help you lose weight is herbalife weight loss product.

Herbalife weight loss product is one of the major breakthroughs as far as herbal medication is concerned. Herbalife weight loss products contain the necessary herbs in order to facilitate losing weight. Some of the well-known herbalife weight loss products are herbalife formula 1 strawberry weight control powder, herbalife diet formula 1 tropical fruit, herbalife formula 1 vanilla diet slim lose weight, etc.
One of the best things about herbalife weight loss products is that they are great tasting products, easy-to-use, and is definitely effective in losing weight. Best of all, the prices are relatively affordable when compared to other weight loss products. Uncover the Rapid Weight Loss Program.

Here I give you the advantages of herbalife weight loss products :
  1. You loss pounds but also inches. Herbalife weight loss products get rid of excess fats but also tone and shape the body built, curbing the imminent re-accumulation of fats.
  2. Herbalife also supply you with the nutrients that body’s cells need for daily basis.
  3. Herbalife have excellent taste that is why more and more people who have tried it are satisfied with its yummy flavors.
  4. Herbalife weight loss products lets you eat more of the foods you like without having to worry about accumulating more weight in the end.
  5. Herbalife help you lessen the extra calorie ingestion, make losing weight will be more effective.
  6. Herbalife give you the pleasing feeling that curbs your hunger while you lose weight.
Your first and main mission is preventing weight gain. What you have to do is eat fewer calories when you are not involved in activities that burn up those calories. Then, try to incorporate these herbalife weight loss products in your diet. In the end, you will achieve the ideal weight you have long wanted to obtain.

22 March 2009

10 Ways To Get Better Sleep

If insomnia is derailing your sleep, a prescription sleeping pill may not be the best cure. Here are some options to explore:

Good sleep hygiene. It means following good sleep habits, especially ensuring the bedroom environment is conducive to sleep.Better Sleep
  1. Use the bedroom only for sleep and sex
  2. Keep regular sleep and wake times
  3. Eliminate afternoon caffeine
  4. Banish pets and snoring partners from the bedroom
  5. Ensure the bedroom is a dark, cool, quiet place
  6. Get computer and TV out of the sleep environment, because they stimulate the brain and their light tells the body "it's daytime".
Better Sleep
Break the rules when necessary. Sometimes recommendations about sleep hygienecan be break and sometimes help, too. TV isn't recommended, but a DVD or show may put some people to sleep. Don't throw them out but make them work for you.

Develop a pre-bed relaxation ritual. To develop a non-stimulating evening ritual, you might recall what your parents did when you were young to get you in sleep mode. Or try taking a hot bath or sipping a warm cup of chamomile tea; either will raise your core body temperature, which leads to a drowsy feeling as you cool down.

Better SleepTry not to self-medicate. Over-the-counter only help you get through.Pharmacies certainly offer lots of sleep remedies not solve the problem. There are antihistamines, like Benadryl, which have a sedative side effect. But those medications can induce next-day grogginess what some patients call "sleep hangovers" and they can actually have an alerting or a disorienting effect on the elderly. Other OTC options include melatonin supplements and valerian extracts, although evidence of the effectiveness of either is slim. Melatonin, valerian, and similar substances, nobody's regulating this stuff.

Better SleepDon't drink to sleep. Sloshing down a little Pinot Noir will put you to sleep, but as the alcohol is metabolized by the body, it fragments sleep, which tends to cause nighttime awakenings and next-day tiredness. People have the misconception that alcohol helps actually it doesn't.

Create a barrier between work and sleep. You want to have some sort of break from the day's stress before sleep. If you know you're going to bed at 10:30, stop your day at 10:15, or sooner. Write down all the things you need to worry about on a piece of paper, and do your best to leave them behind. Whether asleep or awake, there's likely nothing you can do about them until tomorrow.

Don't "catastrophize." People who can't sleep tend to compound the problem by fretting about the consequences of their sleeplessness, like the possibility that they'll do a bad job at work and get fired. Catastrophizing a sleep problem, however, tends to further engrain it.

Exercise. While experts advise against vigorous exercise too close to bedtime, a morning or evening workout can be beneficial. We know that it promotes the slowest waves of sleep.

Better SleepRetreat to a "safe room." Don't stew in bed. Create a "safe room" to retreat to when sleep escapes you. If awake for more than 20 minutes after your head hits the pillow, get out of bed and go to that room. Don't turn on a light, don't go on the Internet, don't read a book; just relax, for 20 minutes, or until sleepy. Repeat as necessary, all night long. You want to prevent your bedroom from becoming associated with frustration. If you live in a dorm or a studio apartment, use a screen to carve out a sitting nook away from the bed.

Not working? Talk to your doctor. Everybody may have episodes of sleep trouble. Discuss it with a doctor or ask to be referred to a sleep specialist if it's disrupting your daytime activities,. Some people may be physiologically susceptible to chronic insomnia, while others may bring it on by developing bad coping habits. If an underlying psychiatric condition isn't to blame, untreated insomnia could end up contributing to one. Jump on insomnia within six months or you may end up treating depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric disorders later. Prescription medications may be explored but are usually a last resort or you can try cognitive behavioral therapy, which helps people unlearn bad behaviors.

10 Small Habits That Stimulates Diabetes

Our life applied “savings law”. What we do become savings in the future. What we save little by little now, will be feel the result in the next future. So does disease. Start form a glass of your favorite drink until watching TV till night. Who ever guess those habits can raise up the risk of Diabetes?

1. Sweet Tea
Sweet TeaHigh intake of sugar cause glucose in blood level raise up drastically, not yet for the risk of excess calories. A glass of sweet tea contain 250-300 calories (depends of its thickness/concentration). Woman requirement of adult woman is about 1900 calories a day (depends on her activities). From sweet tea it self, she already got 1000-1200 calories, not yet if you eat three times meal with all protein, fat and carbohydrate. We should presumable if we always get excess calories. So, it end up into obesity and diabetes.

Substitute : Water, no sugar tea, or limit the consumption of sugar not more than 2 sp a day.

2. Fried Food
Fried FoodHamburger, fried potato, fried banana and other fried food are not enough we consume only one piece. Whereas fried food is one of high risk factor that stimulate degenerative disease, such as cardiovascular, diabetes mellitus, and stroke. The main cause of cardiovascular disease is embolism, with one of the main risk factor is dislipidemia. Dislipidemia is lipid metabolism disorder, with symptoms : increasing total cholesterol level, LDL (“bad cholesterol”) and triglyceride, and derivation of HDL level (“good cholesterol”) in blood. Dislipidemia case in society getting more and more. This all caused by the habit of consume low and high fat food, including fried food.

Substitute : Japan peanut (Sunflower peanuts), fruit pie.

3. Snack Lover
SnackMay be you and many other people think that limit lunch and dinner can avoid you from obesity and diabetes. Because you’re not full yet, you eat snacks like biscuit and potato chip, whereas biscuit, potato chip, and other sweet cakes contain high coke hydrate. All those foods were categorized as high glycemic index food. Mean while, sugar and flour which is contained inside it, can increase the amount of glucose level in blood.

Substitute : fresh fruit

Lack of Sleep4. Lack Of Sleep
if you don’t have high quality of sleep, your metabolism will be disturbed. Researchers from University of Chicago said, lack of sleep for 3 days cause the body’s ability to processing glucose descent drastically. It means, diabetes risk raise up as well. Lack of sleep also stimulate a hormone in blood which stimulate appetite. Feel of hungry people who have problem with insomnia will eat high calorie food which make the glucose level in blood raise up.

Solution : Sleep not less than 6 haours a day, better if you sleep 8 hours a day.

5. Lazy To Do Physical Activity
Bike RidingWorld Health Organization (WHO) said diabetes cases in Asia countries raise up until 90% in the next 20 years. "10 years lately, the amount of people who had diabetes in Hanoi, Vietnam, raise almost twice times. What is the cause? In this city, people rather use motor than bicycle," said Dr. Gauden Galea, WHO consultant for uncontagion disease in West Pacific Region. So, for them who had less physical activity has lower obesity risk than they who always ride bicycle, by foot, or other activities.

Solution : bike to office

6. Often Get Stress
StressStress is just like flood, should be drained out so the flood not get bigger. When stress comes, body will increase the production of epinephrine hormone and cortisole, it use to raise up blood sugar and energy reserve to activities. Our body is designed in such a manner for good reason. But, if the sugar blood stimulates endless because you get stress and don’t have a solve, it same like suicide slowly.

Solution : Talk with someone, or share with other people about your problems.

7. Smoke Addicted
SmokingA research in USA, involve 4,572 men and women volunteer, found that the risk of diabetes for smokers increase until 22%. It also said that the increase of the risk is not only caused by the smoke, but also combination of unhealthy life styles like unbalance diet and exercise.

Substitute : Free sugar candy, follow hypnotherapy. Choose hypnotherapists who already well grounded and legal certificated.

8. Contraception Pill
Contraception PillMost of contraception pills were made from combination of estrogen progestin hormone, or only progestin. The combination pills often cause the alteration of blood sugar level. The mechanism of pill contraception hormone is contradictive with insulin. Because insulin is blocked, pancreas is pushed to work harder to produce insulin. If it’s left to long, pancreas will exhausted and not run well.

Solution : Limit the use of hormonal pills, don’t more than 5 years.

Sun Tanning9. Afraid Your Skin Gets Dark
According to Diabetes Care journal, woman with high intake of vitamin D and calcium had lower risk to get diabetes type 2. Besides foods, best sources of vitamin D is the sunlight. 20 minutes exposure to morning sunlight is enough to full fill the requirement of vitamin D for 3 days. New research show, on is American Journal of Epidemiology published, said that vitamin D also help to manage your metabolism, including sugar blood.

Solution : Apply sunscreen before expose under the sun.

Soda Drinks10. Possessed With Soda
The Nurses' Health Study II, against 51,603 women with 22-44 years old, found that consumption of soda drink make your weight and diabetes risk raise up. Researchers said, increment of that risk happen because the content of sweetener. Besides, liquid calorie intake can not make you full so you’re automatically push to drink more.

Substitute : Free sugar juice.