05 February 2009

Life begins at 40, there're lots of implied meanings inside it. Well, this can be true, coz in this age your gona pay attention all of aspect in your life, include beauty.

It's amazing watch Samantha goes 40 in Sex and The City movie, with her undiminished traction or Madonna, still energic and show his disco performance in her latest single, 4 minutes, featuring Justin Timberlake.

Entering your 40 years old, there are lots of changes on your face and body. Especially the skin, looks old and wrinkle. Many women feel that she's not attractive anymore as the age get along in years. This also influenced by hormone estrogen which will decrease along with your age goes old. Actually, estrogen can slow down the process of skin aging.

Shrinkage of estrogen hormone makes the production of collagen and elasticity of the skin also descend. Skin gets more easy to dehydrated (lose the moisture) in such away that skin easier to dry and regenerate slowly.

Here are 10 tips to do to keep your skin look pretty in advanced years :

1. Apply sunscreen
Don't go out without sunscreen or sunblock. Your skin will be too susceptible to UV A and UV B. By using sunscreen, SPF 15 with UV A and UV B protection, your skin will be keep protected especially from dehydration and black spot (sun spot).

2. Don't get stress
Many observation showed that stress can influence your beauty and skin health. Stress also can make your skin lose its elasticity and moisture, blood stream not fluent so that your skin stop regenerate.

3. Avoid Smoke and cigarette
The smoke from cigarette, whether only little or too much, can disturb the blood stream and make your face wrinkle, especially around the mouth. Pay attention when you're smoking! The wrinkle will be looks more clearly because the skin elasticity descend. If you're heavy smoker and could not stop yet, you should condume more vegetables and fruits contain antioxidant. Vitamin supplement also necessary, especially supplement stimulate production of collagen.

4. Avoid hard diet
If you overweight and want to diet, don't do fad diet like atkins diet, which reduce your weight drastically. Remember, your skin will not be as tight as the first time. Fad diet makes your skin loose and there's gona be strecth mark everywhere.

5. pH Balance
Use product with pH balance suitable with your age. You can found pH Balance in cleansing milk, moisturizer and anti aging cream. Use moisturizer twice a day so that your skin keep stay away from dryness.

6. Clinical Facial
You can take peeling treatment to remove dead skin, better if you do it at the beauty clinic from doctor who really know your skin. Treatment peeling can control your wrinkle, smooth line and black spot on your face.

7. Use the right product
It's little bit hard to choose a commercial product for peeling or cream if you not buy it from doctor or beauty clinic. You can try treatment product which contain combination ingredient such as glycolic acid, lactate acid, and retinyl palmitate. These three ingredients work actively to keep the tightness and the elasticity of your skin.

8. Face massage
This treatment is almost the same treatment as facial. But, facial massage more work to smooth the blood steam so that production of collagen increased. The skin elasticity will also increase.

9. Face exercise
By exercising your face, your muscle face will be more tight, do it routinely especially in the morning. You can do it by say vowel, A I U E O about 50 times. Do it by regular way, you don't have to pull your mouth excessively.

10. Masker
It's a beauty masker. Apply masker into your face and eyes routinely, at least 3 times a week. You can find this product easily in many stores. Don't forget to watch the ingredient inside the masker.

If you do those 10 steps routinely, you definitely ready to compete with other young lady.


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