23 February 2009

Take care of beauty for women was a requirement. To keep the beauty, a woman needs special treatment. At least, a woman has to keep her body fit, energizing and have a fresh look because fitness was the main factor of women prettiness. There are several things women should pay attention so that she‘ll look gorgeous :
  1. Fresh performance is fresh water. You have to consume lots of water so that all toxins will be flushed out from your body. Water can make your skin looks healthy and water can help you burn more calories.
  2. Don’t be lazy for exercise! Even light exercise such as stretching and walking can help you burn calorie and make your body more fit. Before you wake up in the morning from your comfortable bed, you should do some stretching to smoothen your blood stream. If your blood stream work smoothly, your condition will be more fit to do your daily activity.
  3. Don’t smoke and avoid smoke! Smoke is not good for your skin health.
  4. Get enough sleep. Less sleep will make you look older than your age.
  5. Careful with the make up. Use make-up that suitable with your skin. Don’t forget to clean your face before go to bed. Make up make your skin face hard to “breath”
  6. Don’t diet excessively, consume enough food. Make you hungry is not good for your body. The good way eating is eat when you hungry and stop before you full. Choose a healthy food. Don’t consume junk food or other fat food.
  7. Consume lots of vitamins, fruits and vegetables.
  8. Make time for spoil your self like facial, massage, pedi and meni or got to the salon.
  9. Avoid stress. You can hear soft music in your room and left out negative mind. Think clear for every problem that comes to you. Stress can accelerate the aging process.
  10. Be confidence in every performance you have. Confidence makes other people adore you. Not only that, fresh your mind by laughing.


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