28 February 2009

Banana is one of food which has nutrients, vitamins and minerals and good for daily consumption. Compare with other chemical drug, fruit is much safer without harmful side effect and generally, cheaper than chemical drug which has the same function.

If you have problem with your digestive system, especially your gastric (ulcer), then consume banana. Banana can be used to reduce the excessive gastric liquid. Get used to consume banana after eat dish.

Banana contains vitamin A, B1, B2, and C which also can keep water balance in your body. This means keep your body not to have excessive water, which also can make you muscle soft and flabby. Banana also can reduce stress. It stimulates your mind to be more calm down, and prevent heart attack or stroke.

If you a problem with your cholesterol in blood, you can use banana as a filter. It helps you to lower your cholesterol level. A we all know that cholesterol was the main trigger to heart disease.

So, if you have an initiative to keep away from all those diseases, better you start to change you habit from smoking cigarette or eat chocolate to eat banana as dessert. Better you prevent than rehab.


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