20 January 2009

Dieting is become more and more people this days. One of the biggest purpose is for weight loss. Doesn’t matter what method you use, whether it’s fad diet, liquid diet or home delivery diet, people will try almost anything in their frantic desire to shed a few pounds.

With all those diets and method why most dieters has the same result? They only success for a short term but not for long term. Even worse, most dieters end up with their weight bigger than before they start to diet. So thr question is: Why My Diets Don’t work?

Diets mean change habits! And it’s hard to do
Diet need change in a person's normal eating habits over an extended period of time. Change habits is not as easy as you think because they fit in with our lifestyle and the people around us long time ago before you start to diet and changing something that is second nature to us very often results in stress.

Dieters rarely think of rehearsing how they will manage in difficult situations such as going out to dinner with friends; they just hope their willpower will hold up and punish themselves if it doesn't.

There's also the danger that when we feel like we've made some progress in our diet, we become less inclined to put ourselves through the struggle of restricting our food.

Diets make you feel hungry and deprived
No matter what size are you, diets make you hungry and create powerful cravings for the very foods you are trying to avoid, eg sugar and fat. Dieters also have to manage feelings of deprivation. And this will make worse because you become overeating.

Dieters lapse and collapse
Most people get bored with rigid eating plans and go off the rails from time to time. The trouble is that for many people a lapse is a sign of failure. The lapse becomes a slippery slope and they end up eating anything that's not nailed to the floorboards because 'it's fine, I'll start again tomorrow'. Such a diet doesn't exist, and they may end up bigger each time they try.

Diets fail to address the emotional aspect of overeating
People often eat to help deal with emotional problems, not because they hungry. This is normal, but some people gain weight because they turn to food for emotional comfort or to cope with negative feelings like anger or loss - for example, after a row with a loved one. And losing weight can make things worse, because people have to cope with the pressures and expectations of their new body shape.


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