20 January 2009

Six pack here I come...

1. Aim for a Body Mass Index (BMI) between 18.5 and 24.9.

If you’re BMI more than this you must have high percentage of muscle. You’re not to fat then measure you waist.
If you’re waist :
  • 37 inches (94cm) : you are at increased risk of health problems
  • 40 inches (102cm) : you are at a high risk.
Getting your percentage of body fat. Body fat will give you an idea whether you need to shape up or not.
  • Ages of 20 to 39 : your boy fat should aim for 8-20%
  • Ages of 40 to 59 : you body fat should aim for 11-22%
  • Ages of 60 to 79 years : your body fat should for 13-25%.
Got get your shape up on gym.

2. Your mate can become indicator if you’re to fat. Don’t get mad first, try to give your best performance to her. If you have a partner, ask them for help. Most women will be delighted and only too happy to serve up healthier meals and smaller portions.

Lie for goodness is ok. If any of your mates start questioning you about what you’re eating and drinking. If you’re off the booze tell them you’re on antibiotics; if you’re skipping the burger and fries tell them you have high cholesterol and the doctor has told you to cut down on fat; or if you’re eating more wholegrain carbs, fruit or veg tell them you’re in training for a sporting event such as a half marathon or triathlon.

3. For some man diet may be hard to do. Well, if you don’t like it don’t do it. Rather than die hard to try diet, better if you start to change your habits and lifestyle. This will give you best result weight loss for a long term.

4. Eating healthy food.
  • more fruit, vegetables and grains
  • eat fish twice a week (salmon, mackerel or fresh tuna)
  • opt for low-fat dairy product
  • more like lean red meat and chicken
  • choose the fresh, natural, unprocessed foods
  • eat fewer fried and fatty foods
  • cut back on salt and sugar
  • watch portion sizes
  • don’t drink more than 3-4 units of alcohol in a day
5. Don’t even think to try low-carb diets (i.g Atkins). Large amounts of red meat, eggs, cream, cheese, butter and fried food might seem appealing but diets based on these foods are usually loaded with artery-clogging saturated fat – and men are already at an increased risk of heart disease compared to women.

Carbs are actually friends to weight loss rather than foes, especially if you opt for wholegrains such as wholewheat cereals and pasta, brown rice, wholemeal breads and porridge, which will all help to fill you up and keep you fuller for longer.

6. Eat more fruits and vegetables each day. Take it in every dishes. Apple for morning, tomato for sandwich at lunchtime and onion plus mushroom for dinner.

7. Eat a healthy, balanced meal before going to the pub so you’ll be less likely to grab a takeaway on the way home. If you don’t have time for a proper meal, opt for a wholemeal sandwich or soup and a roll.

8. Drive to the pub so your mates won’t keep encouraging or forcing you to have pint after pint.

All alcohol is packed with calories, but men tend to drink pints and pints tend to be the worst option – and the stronger the lager or beer, the more calories it will contain. A pint of ordinary strength lager contains around 165 calories, while strong lager contains 250 calories. Single measures of spirits with low-cal mixers like diet cola or slimline tonic are the best choice with just 50 calories each.

9. Don’t just watch sport from the comfort of your armchair or local pub. Instead, get off your butt and start playing it. Football, cricket, rugby or running any sport which can burn your calorie. And if you have a gym membership, make sure you’re using it.

Whatever you do, don’t wait until you’ve been diagnosed with a health problem before you take action! Weight loss will give you more energy and help to improve everything from your health and looks to your confidence and love life!


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